Design Inspiration: Bringing Spring Into Your Home


Spring is a popular time of year to carry out refurbishment and freshen up the home. If you’ve got your spring cleaning out of the way, here are some inspirational ideas to inject new season trends.

Switch up your palette

It can be tempting in autumn and winter to decorate with darker shades and add accessories to create cosy, snuggly spaces. In the spring, it’s all about bringing the outside in and producing a lighter, more vibrant look.

Popular spring colours include sorbet pastel shades, greens and yellows. Try not to go too crazy with colour, as this can swamp small rooms and make them appear darker. Mix and match shades with neutral walls and add coloured accents to tie in colour themes. Choose coloured throws and cushions for your beds and sofas and vases, frames and candle holders for living spaces.

Cream walls work well with wooden floorboards from Add a zigzag printed rug to create a focal point by your fireplace.



Have a clear out

Spring designs are often minimal and clean. Now is the time to declutter and get rid of anything you no longer want or need. If you’re sick of tidying up toys or you’ve had enough of trailing wires, invest in some new storage solutions. You’ll be amazed at what you can conceal in a matter of seconds with modern storage boxes, shelves and drawers.

If you come across toys, clothing, books or CDs in good repair, why not run a stall at a car boot sale or donate them to charity?

Look out for new ideas

The Internet has opened up a whole new world of resources and design ideas. Within seconds of typing a style, colour or theme into an online search engine, you can click on hundreds of links to find out more. Browse through online magazines and search sites like Pinterest. You can also get some fantastic interior tips from the professionals at online. If you struggle to get motivated or you lack creativity, seeing other people’s ideas and images can encourage you to form your own.

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Tailor your accessories

In the colder months, we accessorise to make our rooms look comfy and cosy. When the warmer weather arrives, some clever touches can help to maximise natural light and create a much crisper look. Swap heavily scented red candles and tartan throws for neutral cushions and vases full of fresh tulips. One simple and effective way of creating a spring vibe is to fill your fireplace with cream pillar candles. A roaring winter fire is replaced with a more subtle light show. You can also carry a colour theme through by changing the shade of your blinds, curtains and bedding.


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Spring designs are centred on creating clean, fresh spaces and increasing natural light. Open up those windows, let the country air in and get creative. Use inspiration from magazines, websites and retail showrooms and adapt the ideas you like to suit your home. Don’t be afraid to get involved if you’re artistic or to let a professional do the job if you’re pushed for time or you lack confidence. Just a few simple changes here and there can ensure that your home looks perfect just in time for spring.

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