How To Develop Your Personal Style In Interior Design


Designing and decorating our home can be a fun task. However, all too often our rooms look like we have hired an interior designer to do all the work for us. This isn’t, strictly speaking, a bad thing. After all, if a room looks like it has been done by a pro, then it must be up to scratch! But why not try designing it so your personality shines through and visitors will easily tell you created the decor yourself? It’s not so hard to add your personality to your home. Just follow these amazing tips!


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Add Some Photography

Take a look through some of your favorite photos. Why not add some to your decor? You can buy artistic photography that suites your personal tastes or decorate your walls with some photos of your family and friends. Using pictures of your family can make your home feel much more personal and will help you to feel really settled. For ideas of how to display your pictures, take a peek at photo frames from Best4Frames.

Mix and Match

Don’t just do what an interior designer would do and stick to one style or trend for the whole room. Mix in various aspects of different decor styles and put your own spin on your interiors. Even if you have a very modern living room, but love vintage influences, you can still add some cute shabby-chic furniture. Rooms that blend influences and trends really stand out and can look incredibly fashionable.

Incorporate Your Hobbies

Are you a keen traveler? Then why not add some souvenirs or postcards from your adventures into the decor? You can also add features from other hobbies and interests to your decor. If you are a sports fan, use sporting equipment as decorations. Add a bunch of golf clubs or a cricket bat to a corner of your room. Not only will these add to the interior design, but they also act as a conversation point. Book lovers can think about filling their rooms with shelves and bookcases.


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Take Tips From Your Wardrobe

Have a look at your wardrobe and see which colors and styles are jumping out at you. You’ll buy clothes which are to your taste. By looking in our wardrobe, you can figure out which styles, shapes, and colors really speak to you. So if you see a lot of red in your clothes, incorporate this into your decor. But not too much, though – you might end up blending into the walls! Just a few splashes of your favorite color should do.

Splash Out On Items You Love

It’s important to stick to a budget while decorating. However, set some money aside so you can treat yourself on top-quality items. But only purchase expensive items that you truly love. The more you love something, the longer  you are likely to keep it. So invest in items that you instantly fall in love with. But don’t go over budget for anything!

Now all you need is to buy some paint and get decorating!

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