How to Choose the Right Type of Area Rug or Carpet

The effect a good rug or carpet will impact on a room you intend to revamp is surprisingly huge. Although we are naturally compelled to focus on appearance while we shop, it is important not to overlook a few other factors that collectively determine the quality and suitability of a rug.

For instance, you want something that blends in with a room’s existing decor, is durable and just the right material. To aid you in selecting a rug that will not disappoint you later, let’s first have a quick glance at the options you will be choosing from.

Common Types of Rugs:

Dhurrie Rugs


Dhurrie rugs are imported from India and as is obvious, their design and craftsmanship borrow a lot from the country’s cultural heritage. Most of these have pastel shades as a defining attribute; the designs feature images of flowers, animals, plants, and people. Dhurrie rugs are woven from cotton and would be a nice choice if you particularly want one which feels soft underfoot.

Oriental Rugs


If you are a high-end shopper, check out Oriental rugs. There is no denying that these are expensive but the value you get will be worth spending that extra dime. Orientals are fabricated from an array of materials with the most popular being wool and silk. As you would guess, Silk Orientals have a higher price tag noting the material’s good looks, feel, and durability.

Bordered Rugs


A bordered rug will invite a classic ambience to your room. This type gets its name from its design attributes and particularly, the inclusion of a border at its edges. Depending on your room’s existing decor and your preference, the border can be laid out in a simple style featuring one color or you can pick from a plethora of playful styles that feature several strips in contrasting colors. One thing which makes these rugs so popular is their versatility.

Inlaid Rugs


Over the past few decades, personalization of decor items has grown so popular with homeowners. If such are your plans, your best bet would be an inlaid rug. You can personalize it with your initials or a short message. Besides, you can create your own design on paper and have it put on the rug. With these, you will be spoilt for choice although you would like to recall that the more complex a design is, the more you will pay for it.

Additional Factors to Consider:


Where you want to place a rug will be of great significance to your selection criteria. For instance, it needs to be hard-wearing if it is going to be used for a high-traffic area. Likewise, the rug needs to be soft and with a warm feel if you are buying it for your bedroom.


If you relocate frequently, your rugs should be lightweight. Go for those which are not so thick but again, it shouldn’t be very thin as these are vulnerable to wear and tear. Another feasible idea would be choosing to buy small area rugs. Consider buying two small rugs to be placed on either side of a bed instead of a large one which goes under it.


How easily can you your rug be cleaned? Most people do not remember that to keep a rug looking as good as new, it has to be cleaned frequently. How easily you get the dirt off depends on the material you chose. Some like cotton, silk and wool need special care and unless you have the necessary skill, experience, and tools, always invite a professional rug cleaning company like JL Carpet and Upholstery to do it for you.

Normally, a rug needs to be cleaned once a year. It is therefore not logical not to buy one made of silk because it will cost you money to maintain. It is something you spend on once in a year and assuming that the professional you hire does it right, your carpet will be good enough to survive another calendar.

So why can I not clean it on my own? You can if you know what reagents to use and have the necessary equipment. It will cost you more to buy these than what you would spend if you paid a professional to do it for you. Besides, is it really worthwhile to invest in cleaning equipment that will only be used only once in a year?

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