Finding the Perfect Garage Door for Your Home

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A garage door is not usually something that homeowners replace often just for aesthetic appeal. As a result, people often do not know what to look for when finding a new garage door. There are many factors to consider and many options to choose from.

Types of Garage Doors

1. Aluminum

These are widely preferred due to their lightweight and rust-free nature. They are perfect for humid environments and can be modified easily to add to their aesthetic appeal.

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2. Steel

They are primarily known for their strength and durability. They are ideal for hurricane-prone areas as they are more capable of withstanding strong winds. Steel doors also offer the widest variety when it comes to color, insulation and price.

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3. Wood

They are mostly preferred for their distinctively classic look. The wooden material used to construct them can be cedar, redwood or cypress. They are also highly customizable. Wooden garage doors require more maintenance than the other two and they also do not come cheap.

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4. Composite Wood

Composite wood is a better alternative to wood. It offers the same aesthetic value wood does but now minus the drawbacks associated with organic material. It is insulated, moisture-resistant and more durable than the natural wood material.

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Key Factors to Consider

1. Material

It is important to understand the benefits and the drawbacks of the material you want your garage door to be made of:

– Aluminum makes for a great garage door because it is very light. However, this trait also makes it more prone to dents. It is also resistant to rust and other forms of corrosive oxidation.

– Steel is a popular option given that it is the most durable. It also requires less maintenance and can be made energy efficient. It is a lot cheaper than wood, thus it is the most preferred option when it comes to garage doors.

– Wood doors require substantially more maintenance than any of the metallic doors available can require a lot more garage door repairs. However, they are a tasteful addition to the exterior design of your house.

2. Insulation Value

You should take into account the insulation value (also known as the ‘R-value’) of the garage door. People living in harsh climates with extreme temperatures stand to benefit from garage doors with a higher R-value.

This is because, the higher the R-value, the better the insulation of the interior of the garage. Insulated doors help you to regulate the temperature in your house by preventing heat loss. Therefore, if your garage is more than just a space you use to park cars, installing insulated garage doors will help in regulating the temperature.

3. Colours

You should choose a garage door that will blend in perfectly with the exterior colors of your home. This can be done by either opting for a ready-made garage door that has the right color for your house or getting the door of your choice and painting it to the desired color.
Either way, the garage door’s color should not deviate from the color scheme of the house. Additionally, adding windows to your door has a great visual impact on the overall appearance of the house. A regular old garage door can be spruced up to improve the overall look of the house by the addition of windows. Hire a pro

4. Style

Apart from color, you should also pick a style of garage door that goes well with the overall design of your home. Try and match the theme as much as possible. If it is a modern-looking home, go for a contemporary aluminum garage door with glass panels to give your house a sleek, futuristic look. If your house is more traditional, opt for a Victorian garage door to round off the sophisticated look your house deserves.

5. Personalization

Be keen on the personalization options that present themselves. Not all the bits and pieces that come from the manufacturer have to be installed exactly the way they are. Do not be afraid to tweak the appearance of the garage door to your liking by adding or removing accessories until you get the finish that you are looking for.

Finding a suitable garage door can be tedious work but once you find the perfect match, it all seems worth it. The garage door impacts the general appearance of your house in a big way and therefore knowing exactly what kind of door you need to purchase saves you a lot of embarrassment.

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