How To Set Up A Fantastic Business Website

business website

A great website is so important for your business! Your website is what connects you with your consumer. That’s why it is so important to get it right. If you wonder how much it will cost you to build a website, here is a useful calculator to check the price based on your needs. There are certain elements that you must have on there. Here is how you can set up a fantastic business website!

1. Choose A Great Domain

Picking a good domain is really important! You need to get it right first time, as it can be a real struggle to change it once you’ve got started. You’ll lose any metrics you have gained if you change domain later on. In an ideal world, your business name will be free, with .com at the end. If it isn’t, try other endings such as .co. Or add the city you’re in to the end of your business name. Do not pick your business name with a random number at the end. This won’t look professional.

2. Link Up Your Social Media Accounts

Make sure there are clear buttons that link your business’ website up to your social media accounts. If you don’t have social media accounts, create them! They are a great way to gain exposure and connect easily with customers. Having buttons on your site means that customers can easily visit and like your social media accounts.

business website

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3. Hire A Marketing Consultant

If you aren’t used to creating websites and improving your online presence yourself, looking into marketing consultants would be useful. You can hire a marketing consultant to assist you with this. They will be able to give you advice on how your website should look to make it as professional as possible. They can also help with getting your website to reach more people, through Search Engine Optimization. This is all about being higher up in Google’s rankings, so searchers on more likely to click on your site.

4. Buy A WordPress Theme

If you want your website to look fantastic, it is worth paying for one of the best WordPress themes. Your chosen theme will dominate what you website is going to look like. If you pick a free theme, it is likely that customers will have seen a similar looking site before. Therefore, it probably won’t appease them much. For the small amount it costs, it is worth paying for a better looking WordPress theme in order for your site to look great.

5. Match It To Your Brand

For consistency, you should match your site with your brand. For example, if your business name or logo is gray, then consider using gray colors on your website. Be sure to have the name and/or logo at the top of the page too, so your brand is instantly recognizable to people visiting your site. Take a look at some big brand websites for some inspiration on this!

Have fun creating your website, and don’t rush it! Take your time with each of these steps and it will look great. I hope these few tips help you to set up a fantastic business website!

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