What Will the Future of Gaming Look Like?

future of gaming

If you are a gamer, you’ll know how fast technology is moving forward. Whether it is having to buy the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 to play the latest Triple A games, or playing games on your mobile it can be hard to keep up with the trends. That’s before you even more into the world of PC gaming.

future of gaming

PC gaming allows the player to push the technology in their rig to new levels, as long as they have the money. With the release of video cards like NVidia’s GTX 1080 we get a glimpse of what the next step in graphics will be. Players on consoles will have to wait for the likes of Xbox Scorpio to get a taste of graphics cards with power like that. We do know though that Sony and Microsoft have plans for next year.

In the world of mobile gaming we see an update to the phones each year, as well as upgrades to the operating systems. What we’ll see through these upgrades is improved graphics as well as more complicated games that make full use of the graphics power given to them. The fact that the games will be more graphically intensive will lead to more players moving to tablets. Whether you like to have more of free bingo, or the latest Candy Crush Saga clone, the bigger the screen the better.

If you keep an eye on the gaming world the big buzz words these days centre around virtual reality. While we may have the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift available to show us what can be done, we need to see some meaty games to prove the headsets worth. The fact that the games are also so expensive is something that also holds these headsets back. The PlayStation VR may fix this though, and finally add the catalyst that virtual reality needs.

Whatever your taste in gaming, one thing we do know is that technology is pushing the pace of innovation to new levels. It’s a good time to be a gamer, and if you have the money to spend on all the new tech, the future is very bright indeed.

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