Extra Home Storage Ideas You’d Never Even Considered

home storage ideas

Think back to how you first felt when you found your current house. Did you walk through the halls, marveling at the size, wondering how you would ever fill it? Most of us move home to get more space, and we revel in it as we settle in.

That joy begins to fade eventually. We discover that with more space, we just buy more and fill it up. Our possessions spread outward, and all those vast empty areas soon become full of stuff. Before long, you start wondering what on earth happened.

One option at this point would be to move to somewhere that feels spacious again. Of course, for the vast majority of people, this is not going to be on the cards. You have got to find some way to live with the space you have. One such way of doing this is by thinking about the space you have, and how you’re using it. Here are a few tips for areas you might be able to put to better use.

On Top of Kitchen Cupboards

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If you have space between the top of your kitchen cupboards and the ceiling, then you have to use it right. This can often be a relatively substantial area that can often be wasted by just throwing things up there. If you are currently using it for pan storage, look for other options such as pan hooks. That means you can free up space for something else- and it doesn’t have to be kitchen items. Storage boxes can help things look clean and tidy, too.


If you are not using shelving in your under stair cupboards or closet, it’s time to get the drill and a shelves kit out. Shelving makes the most of the entire available area. It can also save you a lot of hassle when it comes to trying to find things; no need to dig around when it’s all laid out in front of you.

Specific Rooms

home storage ideas

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If you have a dining room or a study, it might be worth thinking about putting these areas to further use. They don’t just have to be used for their designated purposes. Both rooms can house an extra wardrobe, for example; use mirrored doors to stop it looking too functional. You can also find dining tables that have extra drawer space beneath, which you can use to store cutlery and other place settings.


You’ve got many corners in your home, and what are you doing with them? One major tip of interior design is if you can’t go outwards, go up. Make the most of your vertical space by using corner shelves and storing anything that needs a home on them. If you want a little more privacy rather than having everything out on display, decorative boxes and baskets are a great option.

Walls and Ceilings

extra home storage ideas

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Remember the pans we mentioned earlier? Why not store them on hooks across a wall rather than buried in cupboards? Or hang them from the ceiling on a pot rack?  You can continue the theme with magnetic strips to store knives, meaning you don’t have to find space on a worktop for a knife block.

By making the most of the space you have, you can still experience that feeling of limitless options and space in your home. Multi-purpose rooms and take advantage of vertical height for the best results!

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