Games Improved by Technology

tabletop gaming

While we are all busy playing games on our powerful consoles, we tend to forget about the older board games that can be over complicated. There has been a resurgence in Tabletop gaming but it is still easier to just turn on a computer and play a game.

tabletop gaming

With that in mind we’ve taken a look back at some older games that technology have made better. Not only because they help us organise the many small pieces to the game, but they allow the game to be extended and become more enticing for the gamer.


Monopoly is one of those games that refuses to die. You can look at a store and you’ll find many different versions of it, using many different themes. All you have to do is think of the top game show, and you’ll probably find a Monopoly version of the game. This shows just how versatile Monopoly can be.

One drawback with the board game is the many pieces that are needed, the money (and a banker to handle it), and all the cards needed for it. Through bringing it onto computers, smartphones and tablets you can now play it against people from all over the world, and have it set up in no time.


Some people may love the feeling of going out with their friends for a few games of bingo, but how about the ability to choose for comfort at bingo sites? Through the use of smartphones and tablets anybody can play online bingo now and not even have to leave the couch. With the game still retaining a social aspect to the game, this version is becoming very popular. Don’t fear for the original form of the game though, as it still fairs well, and is adapting to the new digital world.


Scrabble is another classic board game that has continued to be popular and refuses to go away. Online, Words with Friends has taken the game and extended its reach to not only friends but people all over the world. Technology helps players not only enjoy their favourite games but extends it in many more impressive ways.

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