The Sins Of Unprofessional Website Design You Should Quit Making


Nowadays, the way that most people will first check up on a business is by looking at their online presence. Businesses that don’t have a site are less likely to get further inquiry than those that do. Those that do have a website better have one befitting a professional. Here are a few of the sins of unprofessional web design you need to rid yourself of.



Make it accessible

If there’s one sin that businesses can’t afford to make with their site, it’s the sin of inaccessibility. It might be as simple as ensuring that your navigation is clear and functional. In most cases, however, it means using responsive design. A lot more of your potential customers are surfing using mobile devices these days. If your site turns into a jumbled mess when they try to access it on said devices, you will lose their attention immediately.

Don’t hide your contact details

Another sin is making it difficult to get some simple support. If people have questions or are interested, they will go looking for your contact details. So keep them right out there in the open. Use a physical address as well as an email. That way, people are more likely to trust there is an actual business on the other end. Home businesses can check out services like These services can provide a better address for those who would rather not share those details out.

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Create real landing pages

This is a big sin. Not every link you spread throughout the net should lead to your home page. If you use links that are targeting people with a specific product, make sure you have a landing page dedicated to that product. For every link you sent out, anticipate the need it meets or the audience it’s for. If people are led back to a generic homepage, you’re adding another step to their path in becoming a customer.

Keep it concise

As for your homepage, it needs to be concise as possible. It doesn’t need to overload them with details about the different things you offer. In fact, the kind of minimal design seen at places like can be just what you need. Little but navigation, great visual design and a slogan or unique service proposition to catch their attention. Catch their eye. The detail can wait underneath that.

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Host a blog

If you want to impress them with detail, then hosting a blog is the best way to do it. It gives you the opportunity to bring more people to your site by offering informative or entertaining content. It gives you more to share through your networks. It even helps your brand by establishing authority and expertise. Blogging is a long-term strategy that offers real accumulative power to your brand and your site. Don’t skip it.

Keep your website simple, but with plenty of detail under the surface. Make it useful to your customers, taking them where they need to go and keeping them in touch. Your website needs to remove barriers to business, not add them.

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