How The Internet Can Design Your Life

how the internet can design your life

We’re all used to using the likes of Snapchat and Instagram to document our lives, but there’s also been the steady rise of well-designed websites that to provide a little digital assistance to marking those all-important stages of life too.

So whether you’re raising a child, planning your marriage, or even just documenting your first video poker win, here’s a look at how a few enterprising websites and apps have some serious designs on how you live your life!

how the internet can design your life


From the day that we’re born there’s a range of apps like Kid Capsule that have been designed to catalogue our every childhood milestone. And the modern education experience has been totally overhauled by websites like the Khan Academy that provides free learning for a range of subjects.

As a teenager the entertainment options that the internet provides have exploded in recent years with gaming channels like Twitch providing an exciting blend between video games and spectator sports, whilst who would have predicted the way that social media networks like Facebook could prove to be the best time-wasting websites ever!

As we enter adulthood there’s a plethora of websites that have been specially designed to help us find our place in the world with all universities and colleges making moves to place more and more content in the online domain. Whereas stylishly designed dating apps like Tinder have completely overhauled the dating experience and taken a lot of the stress out of the 21st century romance.

Once we find true love there’s a wealth of websites like The Wedding Chapel of Las Vegas that can help us achieve the fairytale wedding of our dreams – without the Vegas cliches. But for those who’re looking to embrace the wild side of life, then Lucky Nugget Casino provide their online equivalent with their guide of getting hitched in Las Vegas which, alongside their video poker games, shows how the digital domain can assist us in many surprising areas of life.

Of course life isn’t all about pleasure and casino games, as the realm of employment has been thoroughly altered by networking websites like LinkedIn that make the impersonal world of work a little more easier to navigate.

And as health issues start to become of greater concern as we advance through the years there’s the likes of the Mayo Clinic who provide a good dose of authoritative information for a huge range of ailments.

So regardless of whether you’re looking for video poker games or are searching for the perfect wedding venue, there’s plenty of well-designed websites out there to lend you a hand!

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