Best web design practices 2016

web design practices

Thanks to services like Blogger and WordPress it’s now incredibly easy for anybody to make a website for their fashion blog, gaming site or online shop. So what can you do to make sure that your efforts fit into the increasingly complex web environment in 2016?

Branding and audience concerns

best web design practices 2016


Keeping your audience in the forefront of your mind whilst creating the basic look of your site is essential. This applies to your choice of font, the language used, and even things like what social media features you decide to include.

And it’s also beneficial to try and ensure that any branding is kept consistent across the whole of your site. Fashion sites like Byrdie provide a good example of how a simple look and a well-chosen font can be easily applied to everything from the main content to the contact information page to provide a thematically seamless experience.

Simplicity and quality

web design trends

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As people use a variety of devices to view webpages, it’s presented a real task between balancing the need for high quality images that look good on HD screens, whilst ensuring that download times are minimised and the layout isn’t too fussy.

That’s why it’s a good idea to sketch out your basic design on paper before constructing your site. And checking out how sites like Mr Smith Casino has style in its bold use of colour, whilst enabling people to browse its range of slots game,s means that we can all learn how to introduce a lot of high quality content without overwhelming the viewer.

Interaction and user experience

web design practices


Recently there’s been a real trend for websites to have plenty of interactive features that offer a more dynamic web experience. So whilst having a basic homepage that instantly gives a run down to what the site’s all about, having helpful features like a ‘learn more’ button and a ‘contact here’ form placed appropriately will make it easy for the user to navigate further.

And in terms of enhancing the user experience, be sure to do all you can to second guess the user’s intentions. So whether it’s having easy-to-use search features, simple links to social media channels, or even just a basic introduction section like the one on the Daily Spawn gaming website, it shows that whether you’re promotion games or updating your fashion blog, there’s an endless range of ways that you can better serve your web audience.

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