Why you Should Combine the Digital and Physical Efforts

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It’s great, right? The amount of benefits the digital age offers to your business? It’s an absolute blessing to have this amount of tools on offer. It almost feels too good to be true sometimes, and we are surrounded by no end of solutions to all sorts of issues.

The best type of business is one that combines a physical front, with a digital store. You’re able to operate, market and sell across all fronts and maintain a strong presence in two worlds at the same time. It’s coexistence and allows you to benefit in more ways than on.

The issue is, the benefits of the internet can lead us away from the physical world, and we can almost forget about the people that come into our store each and every day due to the lure of the digital world.

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For instance, taking cash is probably the reason you’re in business, but are you still ringing up your customers on the register? That’s all well and good, but there are a number of options you can bring into your store to take cash and combine the physical world with a digital presence. Contactless cards need the relevant card reader, so update your customer-facing till and bring the money in. Not only that but the use of NFC (near-field communication) is rising, and phones can be used as payment due to Bitcoin, Paypal, Android Pay and Apple Pay. Give your customer a wide variety of options in terms of payment and bring the digital world into your physical business. You don’t have to leave the cash register behind, though, because not everyone feels secure with their wallet on their iPhone.

It’s all well and good that you’re communicating with your customers over the internet, but remember that many will still use regular old mail. There’s no reason to go totally paper-free right now as many of your collaborators and affiliates will still be using mail. Don’t ignore these guys because you are in love with the cloud. There are still mail options like this service that can keep you connected with the people you’ve been dealing with for years.

Even if you are using cloud-based options for your data storage, you can still download these files and print them off. There’s no need to relegate every single aspect of your business to a digital presence, especially if you’re dealing with clients who might be very wary of the internet and what it brings.

communicating with customers


We’re already combining the physical and the digital in our business, but it’s best not to leave one behind for the other. Find the perfect balance, and it will all come together for you, don’t try and resist change, but make things sensible. Don’t forget that the customer is still the most important aspect of all of this and you shouldn’t charge ahead with options that will leave them behind. It’s great to innovate, but try and educate and work with your customers, don’t force change for the sake of change.

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