10 Social Media WordPress Plugins That Will Rule 2017

free social media wordpress plugin

Social media impact is widespread and hence, we present a list of top 10 social media WordPress plugins 2017 that keep websites ahead the competition.

free social media wordpress plugin


Every individual who uses the internet is familiar with the use of social media sites. There will be hardly any person who does not have an account of any of the social media platforms. Whether it is youngsters or old ones, social media impact is widespread on modern people belonging to various parts of the world. Considering this exceptional rise of social media exposure among individuals, it becomes a necessity for every business to integrate social media solutions in their websites. As there are several famous social media platforms out there, it becomes difficult for one to utilize these platforms properly for their business. To make it easier and better, WordPress offers dynamic social media plugins that help businesses to boost up their social media presence with effective use of these platforms.

Need of Social Media WordPress Plugins

With every passing year, there are multiple changes take place in the WordPress industry. To cope up with these changes, it is essential for websites to adopt new solutions and features. The websites which ignore the adoption of these changes often end up losing their customers to their rival companies. Hence, keeping a close eye on what will be the trend for coming year is a helpful measure to keep your website above the expectations of your customers.

The use of social media WordPress plugins 2017 is a way to implement your WordPress website performance and match the industry standard in coming year. These plugins are developed considering what will be the users’ expectations from websites and how customer behaviour will be. So, consider following mentioned top 10 social media WordPress plugins 2017 to give your site a future-oriented approach.

Exploring The List Of Top 5 Free Social Media Plugins For WordPress 2017:

# 1 – AddThis – Free Social Media WordPress Plugin For 2017

best free social media wordpress plugins

It is a great free social media WordPress plugin that website owners across the world have already started using. AddThis plugin enables one to easily share their website content for several times on different social media platforms. In this plugin, you can choose desired place to show these sharing options of your website like in category page, homepage, archives or any other web page.

Features Of AddThis WordPress Plugin:

  • Great share buttons – features position buttons below and above the content
  • Great sizes and styles of different types of buttons
  • Personalized sharing options
  • Amazing Sidebar sharing
  • Control the number of buttons to display in sidebar
  • Mobile sharing options
  • Turn on or off to show share counts

# 2 – Social Media Feather – A Free Social Media WordPress Plugin

best social share wordpress plugin

Social Media Feather is a next-generation free social media WordPress plugin that is used to improve the web traffic and have attention of the maximum customers with its advanced features and functionality. Featuring an easy usability, this plugin a lightweight, free plugin that provides an ease to users to add impressive social sharing in their posts. With this plugin, you can allow your visitors to choose from more than 16 famous social media networks to explore their content on desktop as well as mobiles.


  • Smart sharing options
  • Supporting high resolution retina-ready displays
  • Responsive to several advanced devices like iPad, desktop, smartphone and iPhones
  • Social widgets
  • Fast to install and setup
  • Automatic display social sharing
  • All major social media networks support like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

# 3 – ShareThis – A WordPress Free Social Media Plugin

best social media plugin for wordpress

ShareThis is another brilliant free social share plugin which features easy to use tools and enhance viewer’s engagement and traffic on a site.

The key features of this plugin are:

  • Great social sharing solutions
  • Easily customizable plugin
  • Provides features to enhance website loading
  • Displays counts of social share on website
  • Simple Shortcodes to place buttons easily within a site
  • More than 80 social media network support like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google+ etc.

# 4 – Simple Share Button Adder – Social Media WordPress Plugin 2017

social media plugin wordpress

It is a powerful plugin featuring a great social sharing options with attractive designs and customizability. It provides social network support to several famous platforms. This plugin comes as a free version as well as paid version. Simple share button adder plugin boasts of attractive range of features which include:


  • 11 button sets for social sharing and each of them is compatible with all kinds of devices
  • Responsive design
  • Customizable icons and buttons colour with inbuilt colourpicker features
  • URL Shortener
  • Share Tags
  • Shortcodes
  • Click tracking

# 5 – Jetpack Social Media WordPress Free Plugin 2017

social media wordpress plugins

It is a great free plugin that allows one to organize a website conveniently by growing the website traffic, safeguarding the site from the unauthorized logins and hackers, enhance the speed and sharing. Featuring a centralized dashboard, Jetpack helps users to organize plugins, published posts and menus of the website.


  • Support for global content delivery network from WordPress.com
  • Faster loading
  • Costs-effective solution
  • Regular updates
  • A vast user base comprising of over 1 million users

Knowing The List Of Top 5 Premium Social Media WordPress Plugins 2017:

# 1 – Flow-Flow – Social Media WordPress Plugin To Try In 2017 ($26)

best social media plugins

A premium WordPress plugin – Flow-Flow enables website owners to add feeds of several famous social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in single grip and showcase them with filters and live search.


  • Well documented plugin
  • Responsive design with a swipe support
  • Supporting Vimeo, Instagram and YouTube videos
  • Social sharing options to grow user engagement
  • Greatly customizable social media WordPress plugin
  • Easy to use admin panel
  • Translation ready
  • Features preview posts option before publishing

# 2 – Ultimate Social Deux – A Premium WordPress Social Media Plugin 2017 ($15)

best premium social media wordpress plugin

Ultimate social deux is a great WordPress social media plugin of the time that is loaded with exceptionally impressive social sharing options that enhance social presence for WordPress sites. There are so many reasons to grab Ultimate social Deux for your future WordPress site design. Following are major features that make it a brilliant WordPress plugin for coming year.


  • More than 25 social media sharing buttons
  • Over 22 fan counters
  • Intuitive shortcodes
  • More than 20 display locations
  • Responsive design
  • Multilingual
  • Color control

# 3 – WordPress Social Stream – WordPress Plugin For Social Media ($10)

free wordpress social share plugin

WordPress social stream is an impressive and advanced social media WordPress plugin for 2017. It combines all the feeds from different social media networks in a single social stream and displays on the website. Using jQuery filterable isotope, it displays rotating list of feeds or a social networking wall. It is capable of creating several social streams for a website. There are several attractive features that make WordPress social stream a next generation plugin for websites.

Features Of Social  Stream:

  • Rotating list of feeds as well as responsive social filterable network wall to display on the website
  • Different types of 3 layout styles of wall to choose from
  • Manage multiple users of each network
  • Handles feed from varied networks
  • Allow users to display their tweets as well as replies
  • Complete documentation
  • Inline video player

# 9 – Social Network Tab For WordPress Plugin ($15)

free social plugin for wordpress

Social network tab for WordPress is a great WordPress social media premium plugin for 2017 that you should definitely install on your WordPress site. It allows users to combine multiple social media accounts as well as social media feeds in a static tab or in a slick slide-out on a website. It features faster loading with all the social media networks and the current version accompanies support for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ share links which make social feeds actually interactive.


  • Supports 69 social feed and 16 social media sites option
  • Allows users to create a stylish slide-out or static tabs on the sites
  • Brings shortcodes
  • AJAX support for faster loading of feeds
  • Share links to leading social media networks

# 10 – Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress Plugin ($15)

best social share plugins for wordpress

Easy social share buttons is a great premium social media WordPress plugin that will surely reign the WordPress market in 2017. It is loaded with exceptional features that help boosting the social presence of the websites.

Features Of Social Fans Plugin:

  • 10 readymade visual composer elements with famous content builder
  • Metrics Lite
  • On media sharing
  • Social networking profile links
  • Easy to setup
  • Provide full control on all buttons
  • Compatibility to E-Commerce
  • In-built customizer
  • Multilingual
  • Exclusive developer API


So, these are next-generation advanced social media WordPress plugin that every WordPress website owner must look for to get advanced design and functionality in their sites. The significance of social sharing is known to every website owner. Hence, get these plugins installed in your WordPress blog or sites and enjoy remarkable advantages right away.


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