How to Generate Money with your Website or Blog

how can i earn money from my website

Everyone has a website these days. In fact, it seems as though it’s impossible to be online without coming across a number of different blogs and web presences created by local people in your town or city. However, did you know that a blog or website could be the first step you take towards finding your fortune?

how can i earn money from my website

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If you have the passion required to make sure that you’re writing blog posts as often as you should be, then the next step is simply finding a way to make the most money you can off the things that you post. Following, we’ll look at just some of the ways that you can begin to generate cash with your blog or website. Alternatively could could make good money writing for other peoples websites.

1. Adsense

Adsense is an old, but still useful way to generate money as a website owner. All you need to do is sign up for an account and a code will be generated for you to add to your website. This code examines the keywords in the content that you’re using and makes sure that you can display adverts that are relevant to whatever is on your page.

The advertisements that are created can come in many different shapes and sizes, but they are often geo-localized. This means that if your page is about shoes and you live in California, then the chances are that your readers will be directed to shoe stores in California.

Though it is possible to make plenty of money using Adsense, it’s important to be realistic with your efforts. After all, depending on the subject matter, a website might only make a hundred dollars or so each month.

2. Banner Advertising

Just like Adsense, banner advertising has quickly emerged as an internet staple, however it is far less common than it used to be. Still, it’s worth noting that if ads are carefully created and tastefully placed, then they can still sometimes make money. If your blog has a specific niche that people can relate to, then advertisers may emerge and ask whether you will be willing to place advertisements for them to drive people to their websites.

If you’re going to post a banner advertising a product, you should do your best to find out the percentage that might be available for commission on the sale of that product. Each situation will be unique to this end, and you should do your best to make sure that you’re getting the best deal available to you.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Sometimes known as “pay-per-acquisition” marketing, Affiliate marketing is a scheme that allows for an advertisement to be placed onto your website or blog. Rather than getting paid for clicks to a prover’s site, affiliate marketing actually requires someone to make a purchase because your website sent them to a specific location. Your advertisement will come with a specific code and once a payment has been made this will leave a mark on your code that dictates you should be paid.

Depending on the service or product you are advertising for, then the commissions you can get will sometimes be high, and many companies will also pay commissions on repeat sales. For example, if you were writing a blog about cloud computing and someone signs up for a regular service that they need to renew on a monthly basis, if that sign up was conducted using your affiliate code, then you could receive continuous monthly payments which quickly start to mount up.

4. Service and Product Sales

Finally, a great way to make money online is to start selling something. What you sell will depend on what you can create or what you’re good at. For example, you might try to sell an ebook that you have written, and a customer will be able to pay for that ebook using a PayPal address. On the other hand, you might use your website to sell physical products such as chairs, or clothing. Whatever you want to sell is fine so long as you stick to the rules and regulations within your niche and report your sales accordingly for tax purchases.

With so many options available for selling online, the opportunities you can access will be limited only by your imagination.


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