The Secret to Getting a Lot of Web Design Work with No Portfolio

This article is aimed on web design agencies who only start their career. All newbies have the same problem – they lack clients. People don’t rely willingly on the inexperienced developers. That’s why the beginners resort to different tricks to provide themselves with a steady workflow. For example, they create free web design stuff and post it on resources like Dribbble and Behance, register on websites for freelance professionals and so on. They are even ready to develop a website with big discount or create it for free for their acquaintances, charity organizations, etc. for their portfolio.


Sometimes it may be really challenging to put your web design business on the rails. Let us tell you about one more way to get to the premier league. Hopefully this one will help.

We will talk about Web Studios Catalogue from

how to start a web design business with no experience

The most interesting fact about Web Studios Catalogue is that both web developers and their customers can benefit from it. Actually, it is aimed on helping them find each other and starting to cooperate.

Let us explain. Supposing an entrepreneur has purchased a nice ready-made design for their new online resource. However, the customer understands that they have no idea of what to do with it next. How to customize and launch the project. Normally, all templates are delivered with extensive documentation. Besides, lots of text and video tutorials are available on the Internet. However, not all businessmen have time and desire to dig that deep. Everything they want is just have their website up and running, built and launched quickly and cost-efficiently. That is the reason why most of entrepreneurs today choose templates instead of custom designs.

So, template owners start to surf the Internet in search of some decent local web design studio or freelancer who will settle the issue.

But that’s not easy. There are lots of web design studios and skillful geeks offering their services out there. But how would you know that they meet your requirements? Here’s where TemplateMonster Web Studios Catalogue becomes handy.

When people see a web design company located somewhere nearby on the list of developers recommended by one of the industry leaders, it appears much more trustworthy to them.

Your agency can enter this list. Read on and you will get to know more details about the project.

First of all it should be mentioned that TemplateMonster Web Studios Catalogue includes only those web studios that have successfully completed their certification program and proven to be real professionals. It is requisite for the studios to be able to work with company themes.

Web Studios Catalogue is about the following: since it features only certified agencies, customers can trust them and they do this with pleasure.

We will tell you about the certification process later on.

The next advantage of Web Studios Catalogue is the fact that it allows all TemplateMonster’s partners and freelancers get a steady flow of site development and theme customization orders from company customers. You already know that the competition on web development market is tough, so it’s a serious better hand.

TemplateMonster is a large company. They have nearly 46 000 items in stock. They offer WordPress, HTML5, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, and a number of other templates created for the most popular engines and business niches.

Because of that, TemplateMonster has equipped Web Studios Catalogue with advanced filtering options. They give the users the possibility to search for a web studio in their region.

Moreover, different studios offer different kinds of services, so the company also added an option of filtering the catalogue by CMS.

starting a web design business with no portfolio

The filtering options are very usable. For instance, the owners of Joomla themes from, say, Kansas City, will be shown a list of companies working with Joomla sites in that specific area.

The customers will also be able to see a list of all CMS agencies work with at the Web Studios Catalogue. This is especially usable when they acquire several different templates and want to launch more than one project at a time.

how to find clients for web development

It’s up to the customers whether to contact one web design studio that works with WordPress, Joomla and Magento (for example) or send a request to 3 different agencies.

The next catalogue feature we are going to discuss is the rating of web design studios. The rating is based on the number of successful projects completed by the agency with the help of TemplateMonster’s themes. In simple words: the more experienced agency is, the higher rating it has.

In fact, TemplateMonster provides web studios with an opportunity to expand their product market, attain more credible online image, find new clients, and earn more money.

In addition to being stated on the chart, each partner gets a separate profile page. There they can share more detailed information about their services, staff, contacts, a list of CMS they work with, pricing plans, and much more.

An agency profile page contains TemplateMonster’s feedback about its activity and its rating.

web development

This information will help the customers choose the best web design agency according to their individual requirements.

The customers, who are ready to place an order can use a simple built-in request form. This form allows the customer contact a web design agency, give them a brief review of the services they would like to order, project deadline, budget limit, etc.

These were all major points of the TemplateMonster’s Certified Partners Catalogue.

By the way, you can view a short video about it.

If you want to be added to Web Studios Catalogue read on. It’s simple and absolutely free.

You can get there via TemplateMonster Certification Center.

starting a web design business with no portfolio

Please keep in mind that only the agencies that successfully pass courses and certification test get a right to be added to Authorized Web Studios Catalog.

TemplateMonster prepared tutorials and tests for the most popular website creation CMS: WordPress, Joomla, MotoCMS, and others.

Who can get benefit from the project?

Web Studios


Anyone who wants to learn how to build websites

What will you get after finishing classes?

Once you pass courses and certification test, you receive official certificate from TemplateMonster company, which confirms your skills and knowledge of each particular CMS.

The certificate will look solid on your office wall or among your portfolio works and will become a weighty argument in the negotiations with the customers.

If you are an expert web developer, you can pass the test straight away without learning the lessons.

TemplateMonster team will be always here to help and support while you study and learn new CMS.


To put everything in a nutshell, entrepreneurs can use Web Studios Catalogue to find a reliable web design agency that will help them get started with their web resource in the short run.

After passing the certification process and getting listed on the chart, freelancers and web studios become TemplateMonster’s partners. They usually notice that reaching out the new clients and building customers base becomes much easier after that.

Please share your thoughts as to this offer from TemplateMonster. Was this information useful for you? Are you going to study and pass the quiz? Would you like to be listed in the catalogue? Maybe you know other awesome ways to improve your online image and draw more clients. Please, leave your feedback at the comments section. It will be much appreciated.



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