Lessons to Learn from Valentine Promotions 2017

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Designing your website for optimizing the user experience is always a key aspect of retention. However, getting increased activity and an engaged audience is the never ending challenge for all online businesses and websites. In that pursuit, we have decided to take a look at the lessons available from this years Valentine Promotions, and the best insight they have to offer us to make us increase our online audience.

As with all good marketing, establishing a rapport between your brand and your target group is the essence, which is what we will learn in this post.

Let’s start with why online promotions and marketing is undoubtedly your key to increase sales and engagement for the Valentines Season. According to Search Bing for Love, published to provide Valentine’s insight for Digital Marketers, there has been a steady increase over the last couple of years towards online purchases for Valentine to an impressive 31% more spent online. So what is the main point to carry forward in 2017 from these Valentine’s day marketing campaigns?

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Yesterday, Yotpo, a reviews and marketing solution for online companies wrote a very interesting piece on this very topic. One of the absolute take-aways from their article is that you should not limit yourself in your marketing to a presumed stereotypical audience. Valentine’s has evolved to be so much more than a holiday for only couples or singles.

The author, Corey Bloom, brings forward a few interesting promotions and social media marketing campaigns, and two aspects that we should pay particular attention to is the Vermont Teddy Bear Company and Nina Ricci. The cue to take from this is their audience, and how they appeal to their audience in dramatically different ways.

Vermont Teddy Bear Company does something rather brilliant in their marketing stunt. Bear in mind (no pun intended) has a rather standard target group for a teddy bear manufacturer. So when they, as many, exploit the 50 shades of grey franchise, they do so in a rather elegant and humorous way. The addition of the tiny hand-cuffs, elegant suit, and the masquerade mask, it unmistakably create the 50 Shades identity for one of the absolute classic gifts of the Season as they created a funny, yet subtly intimate, edition of the Teddy Bear.

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Nina Ricci, on the other hand, is a fashion company with roots back to 1930s France. Their focus on femininity and sophistication in their products are therefore well established. So, when it comes to their 21st century Valentine’s Day Social Media campaign, you could excuse them for going the romantic and orthodox route in their marketing campaign for their perfume. However, as noted by Corey, the campaign is focused around friendship and perfectly tailored to social engagement around the #MyBestValentine. Instrumentally, what this does is to engage women in general. The aura of the campaign is centred around female empowerment, encouragement, acknowledgement, and friendship, and therefore targets all women. Not single women, not women in a relationship, but those that wish to treasure their friendship, and want to demonstrate it online through social media channels. Masterfully playing multiple strings of interest at the same time.

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The value of diversifying the incentives and message you use in your seasonal promotions, marketing campaigns, and strategies, cannot be understated. Entrepreneur.com recently wrote an editorial on what should make you rethink marketing, especially focusing on Valentine’s. And one particularly interesting aspect they mention, is that one should target singles and people in relationships equally. Though the maths here don’t seem to quite add up in the article, the general message is still valid, as the percentage looking for gifts to friends are markedly high. Furthermore, it is definitely interesting to see the attention our 4 legged friends get on this day of love. This dictates that you should not limit your promotional offers to the archetypical gifts and assumptions in your marketing, but rather cater to the individually of your audience. ClassiCasinos had a very interesting take on this very phenomenon of catering specifically to their target group, for example, by having a Valentine’s promotion running until the end of the month with 14 free spins through February. The slogan they used for their promotion is elegant in its own right that Cupid is guaranteed to hit his target at Vegas Crest, followed by information relating to how much you could win on this Seasonal offer.

What we can see from these examples in general, is that for your online marketing you really must abstain from the temptations of stereotypical audience that one would first assume. More importantly, tailoring your social media campaigns and online promotions must be following a line of interest for your audience, while simultaneously being playful.

One last ditch tip to all you web designers out there, out of love, do remember to optimize your site for “mobile first”!



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