How To Hire A WordPress Developer

hiring a wordpress developer

WordPress is the world’s most popular open source CMS platform and finding an incredible WordPress developer that can help you improve your WordPress functionality can be a minefield.

Most WordPress website owners do just fine using an out of the box template and very basic WordPress set up, but if you need more than it’s time to ask:

hiring a wordpress developer

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Do you need a WordPress Developer or WordPress Designer?

A WordPress Developer is someone who deals with all of the backend work involved with developing your WordPress website.

Typically, a WordPress developer will know all sorts of coding such as CSS, HTML, PHP and have wide experience working with the WordPress framework.

Your WordPress developer will usually have experience with creating plugins specially for your project and installing existing available plugins.

A WordPress developer will know WordPress pretty much inside out, understand how to set up themes, can recommend the right plugin for your job and handle all the technical and security settings that’s come with a WordPress website.

Usually a WordPress Developer does not touch design, and usually wouldn’t create a design from scratch but would be able to customise an existing theme.

A WordPress designer on the other hand, probably won’t know any advanced code and will not usually mess with the development phase of your WordPress project.

You may find that your WordPress web designer may simply just provide you with design files to hand to your Developer – Who can then implement them into your WordPress platform.

Some WordPress designers can implement basic themes and quite often can create a design and embed it into a pre-existing theme – which helps speeds things up and usually keeps your costs lower.

So now you know the difference between a WordPress designer and a WordPress Developer, and hopefully have an idea of who it is you require for you job.

So the next question is…

Where to actually find a WordPress Developer?

There are quite a number of ways to find a WordPress developer, we will cover a few below.

1 – Google – The first and easiest place to get looking is Google, let’s say you live in Birmingham, West Midlands and you want to find a local developer, you would simply go to google and search for “WordPress Web Developer in Birmingham” which will bring up a lot of results for you to choose from.

Usually you won’t get past the first few results.

One downside with this method of finding a WordPress Developer is that you won’t actually know who is good or not – Sure you will see a number of great portfolios but you really need to look for testimonials, google reviews and even contacting your shortlisted developers past clients for a reference.

2 – Freelancer websites – Often cheap and cheerful, you can submit your project to a platform such as upwork and receive tens of proposals from WordPress Developers around the world – All at different costs and all different qualities.

The downside with this method of finding a WordPress developer is that it can be very hit and miss and you will be overwhelmed with proposals. The upside is that these types of platforms have rating systems so you can easily read feedback and reviews on each developer which will help you come to a decision.

3 – Ask for recommendations – You can quite simply go to a networking event or post on social media asking your friends for a recommendation.

By asking for a recommendation you are shortcutting the process and finding a WordPress developer who a friend or network can vouch for has done great work for them specifically.

These types of recommendations tend to be the strongest and easiest to trust.

How much should you pay your WordPress Developer?

This really depends on where they are in the world, but for a developer from Europe or the united states you can pay anywhere from £50-£100 per hour for a really good WordPress Developer.
Should you approach a web design agency then you can pay anywhere from £200 upwards per hour for an expert, dedicated WordPress expert developer.

Once you have found a WordPress Developer – Keep them close, they are worth their weight in gold!

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