Is a Publication the Next Stop for Your Blog?


Blogging can be a fantastic source of money, but there will always be ways to expand your business so that you can gain more revenue, reach a wider audience or even diversify your content to tackle other forms of media, such as podcasts, videos and even YouTube content. However, getting the opportunity to do so doesn’t come often, and it can be a pain to even get started.

For instance, you could pour time, money and resources into creating a YouTube channel that is attached to your blog. However, it might not get nearly enough views to make it a sustainable expense, and you might not have enough content to create videos about. Essentially, you’d be pouring in time and effort to create something that ultimately isn’t profitable. This can be demoralising, it might make you feel like your blogging career has come to an end, and you might even feel like giving up because your blog isn’t going anywhere.

One of the safer ways to expand your blogging presence is to create a magazine. Unlike trying to tackle video or audio content, magazines are still focused on written content much like your blog. However, instead of writing content every day and keeping people updated on a frequent basis, magazines typically have long-form articles mixed in with smaller ones.



Do people still read magazines?

Absolutely! However, the medium is shifting from physical to digital thanks to advances in technology that allow us to use our tablets to view anything from books to comics and magazines. In addition, tablets can store hundreds of thousands of magazines as opposed to using physical magazines which take up space, are heavy, and can even be damaged in transit. If you have a lot of viewers and enough subject material to create a publication, then you could potentially start up a digital magazine for a low cost and expand your viewership tenfold.

It all depends on the type of content you are writing. If you focus on current affairs and reviews of newly released items, then it pays to have a more frequent publication that is released on a weekly or even bi-weekly basis as opposed to a monthly one. If you cover a lot of news as it happens, then it’s best to stick to your actual blog or use the magazine to tackle long-form content that you have previously published on your blog.

Design is important

Unlike your blog that utilises a theme or layout for each and every post, a magazine is going to require a lot of different assets. For example, you might need to play around with a magazine cover template in order to create a fantastic looking cover for the first issue of your magazine. Once that’s done, you’ll need to create a new one for the next issue and continue changing the front cover for each one. This might require a lot of work. It will be far more intensive and you’ll need to spend much more time focusing on the design of a magazine as opposed to just the content.

This is why it can be handy to hire dedicated artists to work for you. Of course, if you plan to start a publication as a means to expand the reach of your blog, then you’re going to have to invest money. This makes hiring an artist one of the best investments you can make as a startup publication. They’ll be able to create covers, layout your content, and generally be the main designer for your magazine.



Piling up content

Content is important in magazines—more so than your blog. This is because a magazine is expected to have a variety of articles that tackle different subjects within your theme. For instance, if you plan to start a magazine that tackles cooking, then you need to dedicate certain sections of the magazine to different cuisine, you might have a section that interviews chefs, there will probably be a section where readers can write questions in, and you might even have an appliance or cookware review section.

In general, you should think of your magazine as a collection of blog posts that span over a week. For instance, your blog might currently run different columns that appear on separate days. With the same cooking example, perhaps you write about desserts on Monday, maybe Tuesday is for Asian cuisine, Wednesdays for restaurant reviews, and so forth. This means that you might be able to easily translate your blog format into a magazine layout with little trouble.

Abandoning your blog

The key problem with starting a publication is that you will most likely have to abandon your blog. You simply can’t work on two separate publications at the same time, but there are ways to get around this limitation.

For starters, if you plan to start a magazine then it should probably be turned into a business. As mentioned before, you can hire a designer to work on the layout of your magazine, but you could also hire writers that will help you create content. Your writers can then work on either your blog or your magazine, and you could even separate the two so that they are both different businesses, or you could choose to keep your blog as a personal venture and hire only for your magazine.

The choices are endless, but sadly, your pockets probably aren’t. If your magazine turns into a fully-fledged business, then you’ll have plenty of money and resources to hire dedicated writers. However, for the time being, it’s best to hire freelancers and reach out to specialists that know a lot about your subject.

However, that leaves just one problem; what happens to your blog? If you are writing content for both a blog and a magazine, even if it’s just one or two articles for the publication, then it’s going to become a lot of work and you might even lose regular viewers if the quality of your blog posts starts to fall. As a result, it’s important to define a purpose for your blog. Whether it becomes a personal blog of your own life or you chose to continue what you were doing before, you need to make sure that the quality stays consistent despite your time being divided between your magazine and your blog.

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