The Importance of Brand and Web Design for Online Casinos

The Importance of Brand and Web Design for Online Casinos

The online gaming industry is extremely competitive, due to the nature of the services that are provided and their target audience. Online casino sites, whether it be a new start-up or a well established name, have to be aggressive in their marketing and can never stand still in a space which is constantly evolving and producing innovative products, technology and services.

The Importance of Brand and Web Design for Online Casinos


Branding goes a long way in giving any business a huge advantage. Originally, branding was all about a name, sign, slogan or symbol; or even a little of each of these components that distinguish products or services of a specific company. The concept now involves every part of the customer experience, encompassing everything from one’s logo and social media posts, to the website’s colour scheme and advertising. Thus branding is now what is perceived when one thinks about a company name, product or/and service. So a strong brand is essential for online casinos, and in fact, for any business, to be successful.

A successful brand promotes recognition, and the more a person feels comfortable and familiar with a brand; the more likely they are to interact and purchase the specific product or service. Therefore, making sure a brand is consistent and easy to distinguish, encourages customers to favour the product or service. It also provides a level of expectation for the customer, as everyone knows precisely what they are going to get; and online casinos need to use this to get their players to be open to trying new products and using new services on offer.

In addition to this, a great brand is something that customers will automatically and inadvertently market to other consumers. The important thing here is, if the brand is easy to remember and unique, that makes it so much easier for others to spread the word or being able to go viral. Casinos know that players who provide positive comments are crucial in attracting new registrations and building an impeccable reputation.

Companies sometimes overlook the fact that a strong brand motivates and provides guidelines as to how staff should behave, their work ethic, pride and attitude; which ultimately massively contributes to the long term success of a company. Hence a good brand helps the business and staff remain focused on the main goals and/or mission statement. This is aspect of having a great brand is often overlooked, as usually it is just thought of as something for customers.

As mentioned earlier, online gaming is highly competitive, and a good brand helps differentiate the service from all the others. As a result it is very important for online casinos to appreciate it is not just about having a great logo, as players also consider customer care, products and promotions when they think of a brand.

Going on from this, one must always bear in mind the brand actually represents the business and often, the brand weighs very heavily as one of the main considerations to a potential punter.

As a result, it is clear that if one gets it right, a solid brand, in the long run, definitely drives up the value of the business overall.

With respect to website design, online casinos know that it is absolutely essential to get the website design right, especially since this is the pretty much the only or main interface between them and their players. In general, there are a few elements to always keep in mind. The first one is navigation, it is important to understand what the customer wants and how they interact with the site. The aim is to create an environment where navigation is intuitive and simple.

A successful website will seamlessly incorporate the brand into the design of the site; as it helps reinforce the customer’s perception and trust in the service. Everyone knows trust is extremely important for online gaming sites, and if one’s site design can include what the target audience values and gives the player a sense of familiarity; then numbers in terms of conversions, time spent on the site and increased revenue is guaranteed.

Web design should also cover SEO optimisation. Most of us will read a site like a book, which is from top to bottom, left to right; and most successful websites will take this into consideration. So the most important information will be usually located on the top left hand side of the page, and funnily enough this is usually where the brand sits! Following on from this, we will usually see main tabs and sections listed on the top of the page and /or left hand menus. This practice is actually very good for SEO; which is obviously a great benefit when looking at maximising traffic, and again, maximising revenues.

Content is another consideration, especially for online casino sites. Operators have an ever increasing amount of content that needs to be included, visible and easy to get to; and as a result, the design of a casino site needs to be able to accommodate this requirement and also have the capability to market it effectively.

Now, it is quite true that it is very difficult to get branding and website design right. However, the good news is there are a number of online casino operators who have consistently got this right and set the example for others in the industry, and indeed, for all other retail environments. A perfect example of an online casino website that leads the way, in terms of branding and design is Party Casino’s site; one only needs to look at their track record to see how successful they continue to be, and this has been substantially helped by having an outstanding brand and superb website!

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