Explainer Videos: Why Start-Ups Need ‘Em and How to Do It Right

explainer video

In the world of effective content marketing to boost sales, the newest kid on the block is video marketing. You may have heard that blogging is a dying art, on its way out, and video content is in.

Take this with a bag of salt, not just a grain: as long as SEO rules supreme, written content will always be one of the first ways to get customers through your digital doors.

But besides their interactions with you through your trusted content, what keeps them there and, often, gets them buying your products or services online is video content.

Enter: the explainer video.

What is an Explainer Video?

explainer video

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Explainer videos are marketing tools that are used to boost conversion and sales. They’re short format — 30 to 45 seconds, up to a minute — videos that breakdown the product (or service) you’re trying to sell to your audience.
Ultimately, explainer videos are an instant medium that form an immediate emotional connection with your customer, priming them, over several interactions, to share your message and buy.

Why So Many Start-Ups Rely on Explainer Videos

Answer FAQs right away

Let’s start with the benefit to your audience (and your product).

Explainer videos can help show-and-tell your product to your customers, guiding them not only through how to use it or set it up but, through your script’s explanation, could also help respond to any “frequently asked questions” right up front.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video demonstration is worth at least a few sales.

Increase conversion rates

The proof here is in the pudding — or, rather, in the numbers. Not only can business owners track views on the explainer videos, they can also run A/B testing, featuring one landing page with written content and one with a video added.

No contest on which page has the leading edge here: 71% of digital marketers say the highest conversion rates are for landing pages with videos.

Instantly shareable content

How does viral content go viral?

Explainer videos that incorporate humor, reference popular culture or just show off a truly innovative product that is featured really well helps to draw more viewers in.

Sharing on social media generates not just views and tags but click-throughs and conversions too. This is even more true if you’re running your explainer videos as ads to an already warm lead audience.

Build brand awareness

Whether you’re educating a new viewer or bringing them into the fold of your product, explainer videos can allow viewers to form an emotional connection with the brand.

For many viewers, watching this video may be the first encounter they have with your brand, sales pitch and tone of voice. But, they’re also connecting with non-verbal cues such as visual style, brand value and culture.


But wait — SEO is not singularly confined to written content and meta data!

A well-written page, using SEO best practices can certainly be the make or break of page rankings. But when you combine the power of written content with videos, there’s no stopping your brand.

Pages that are SEO-friendly experience even higher rankings when videos are utilized with written web content, especially for start-up websites.

The Key Elements of an Explainer Video


A well-written script can make all the difference for explainer videos that are successful and generate a lot of views.

In this case, it can be helpful to commission outside professional video companies that can take an objective look at your brand and storytell through a script.


Brevity is the heart of wit. And, so too, it is the key to well-done videos.

The whole point is to break down a product and clarify its use for viewers. So, if anything, concepts should get simpler and the videos should be shorter.

Simple Things

Make sure that your video has these four parts to keep it comprehensive and relevant: a problem, a solution, a demonstration of how it works and a clear call to action.

Make It Relevant

To make it relevant to your audience and write a script that will move them to buy, you need to do two things: first, you need to speak in terms of benefits, not features. And, secondly, you need to know your audience well enough to know what their pain points are and why this product appeals to them.

Tickle the Funny Bone

Humor goes a long way in making your video memorable and it definitely helps cut through the noise of other content marketing campaigns.

If you create an emotional impact, your viewer will remember. Incorporating funny bits of pop culture or simply entertaining your audience will show them that you don’t take yourself (or the brand) too seriously.

Audible Above All

You would think visuals are key in videos but this is a given. Especially if you’re working with an animated video rather than content based in film, visuals must be clear to help illustrate the story and have a video at all.

However, what can make or break your video is audio quality. So make sure to test before uploading, choose a background tune that is non-intrusive and brand-specific and avoid poor sound quality in general.

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