Why Shipping Can Steer Your Business and Set Sail for Success?

shipping and handling

In business, it’s important to do everything right. It’s all well and good that you can do a few things right, but if you’re not doing well with everything – you could be steering your business away from the seas of online success. Mainly, we’re talking about shipping – the act of delivering products to customers. You see, if a business is selling goods online – how else does it get those goods to customers? Teleporters don’t yet exist – so your business needs to be good at shipping goods. In fact, there exists no excuse in the world for bad shipping. You need to master it – because there is simply no other path. If you’re shipping policies are awful, you might not be in business for long. The reason why shipping is so important is because it is the backbone of any business that works online – we’ve said it’s the only way to get products out, but if you’re doing shipping well – you might not even notice it!

How do you ship and deliver well, though? Firstly – you need to get goods out on time. Half of this is done through working with companies like Shiply who can carry your goods to customers, but a lot of it relies on just how fast you can get goods out there. Couriers and postal services need to receive goods from you to take them onto customers and if you’re delaying orders – that’s on you. Do you work and dispatch goods on the same day as ordering Why Shipping Can Steer Your Business Into The Seas Of Online Successen you can. This gets the product out of your hands and into your customer’s hands a lot quicker!

shipping and handling


Your business will also want to learn how to pack well. If you are delivering fragile goods, why wouldn’t you secure them? Tie goods down with zip ties, so they don’t move and compact them in with paper and bubble wrap to ensure the goods are cushioned throughout their journey. Delivery mishaps do occur – so make sure you are doing everything you can to protect every single product that is ordered from you. Another thing to do to succeed at delivery is to be clear about rates. Far too many companies hide shipping information and rates behind the point of purchase. This is a terrible idea! If your business is online, make a point to construct a page full of shipping costs. Your customers are capable of doing the math, so give them the rates, so they know how much things are going to cost. It is up to you whether you choose to subsidize costs to certain areas which might be pricey to ship to – and while you might not want to offer free shipping to people who buy cheap, it could be a good idea to offer free shipping to customers who buy in bulk. You’ve seen it before – order over 30 dollars for free shipping – do that! It will limit the hit you take on subsidizing costs.

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Shipping is an easy business, but lots of companies do it poorly. Make policies, get the rates and sort a process out to start mastering shipping!

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