The Web Design Options For Your Business

Options are the order of the day for the modern customer. With thousands of businesses lying just a click away thanks to the wide open world of the World Wide Web, your customers, or even your readers have more on their plate than ever before. Customers demand options from the businesses they shop with – they no longer want to be pigeon holed into one choice. While this can put some businesses at a disadvantage, it also opens up a huge amount of possibilities. Your business is a customer as well!

Those options that your business has at its fingertips are especially important in an area like web design – where you have to get everything perfect, otherwise your business will suffer.

web design options for your business


Firstly, it is worth looking at the industry leader – WordPress. WordPress is almost as old as the modern internet and offers a ready-built and easy to use content management system that anyone can get to grips with. WordPress covers all the bases and will help a beginner learn, while assisting an experienced web-head expand their web presence with plugins and connectivity. WordPress is amazingly customizable and can be moved over to your own domain and host. What makes a good WP host? Well, they need to be speedy and reliable – just like every good web domain hosting provider. WordPress is good old fashioned web design with brand new values – it is open source meaning that everything can be coded and tailored from scratch for a unique presence on the web while templates are offered for a quick and extremely good looking fix.

Wix is another web design option that is powered by the cloud. Using custom made design templates, you can design a website easily – just like building with a lego set. This means that someone without design knowledge can build a good looking site in rapid time. It lacks comprehensive options though, but that isn’t the point of using a site like Wix – which exists for speed.

If you were to build a product that fell directly between the simplicity of Wix and the depth of WordPress, you might be the person who made SquareSpace. SquareSpace offers coding and HTML options as well as drag and drop design with template functionality. If you want something in between, opt for SquareSpace which has a array of options to satisfy the beginner as well as operate platforms for people with higher web design skill levels.

As for growth, WordPress offers the highest scope. While Wix and SquareSpace are not technically limited, WordPress is open source and will be used by users of all skill levels. If you’ve got a lot of room to go, you might want to aim for WordPress.

Thankfully, with web design you’ve got plenty of options – and not just with the site that acts as the framework for your website, but with the agencies building your site and the domains hosting the website. Be grateful for options, as they now give you the chance to build the website of your dreams for your business.

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