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test case management

Every business needs a test case of what it is offering (whether a physical item or a set of skills that you are selling) in order to figure out if it is worth selling. It’s just how the world works. If you don’t know that something is going to work, it’s not worth asking other people to invest in it. Why would you get others to invest in something that you haven’t invested in yourself? A lot of companies have tried this and ultimately they fail. But just why do we need to have test cases within our remit?

test case

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What Is A Test Case?

A test case is effectively an explanation of what you are going to do, how you are going to do it and the expected results. Variables are included within it, and you probably used them in your science lessons at school. As long as you are able to predict the outcome and see whether it passes or fails in regards to it, you have done your test case well. There are so many different factors to take into consideration that each test case can be extremely different. Thankfully, there are test case management softwares available to invest in such as the ones at QASymphony.com which are able to effectively store results – else you’d have a lot of paper lying around.  Getting on board with a plan is a more defined route to success, rather than just hoping for the best. That’s why most companies tend to use test cases as the basis for any experimentation that they’re doing.

test case management

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As long as you are keeping back a product from each batch that you produce, you have essentially covered your back if somebody gets in touch to complain. This product should initially have gone through rigorous testing to ensure that it is safe in the environment that it is going to be presented in; whether that’s a consumer’s home or a place of business, it still needs the same sort of testing done upon it. If it is in contact with humans, it needs to meet very high,and very strict, standards. This differs from country to country, but essentially it is the consumer’s needs who need to be met first.


You can predict all you like whether something has worked that you are eager to sell – but unless you have the test case to prove what it was, i.e. which factor came through the strongest, there is little chance that it will be able to be repeated. This is especially good for those who are working in marketing and are looking for different ways to catch their prospective customers attention. It doesn’t have to be stuck to science what you are doing, although that’s what test cases were made for; be creative with them and see how far they get you. You may just be surprised – it’s definitely a great way for you to be able to jot down ideas and expected outcomes and a motivation for you to put them into practice.

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