Unlock the Best Visual Design for an Awesome UX

Best Visual Design for an Awesome UX

The internet and social media are woven into the very fabric of our daily lives. Is there ever a day goes by without you getting online via a PC, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone?  However you connect up, browsing the web, getting the latest news, tapping into trending social gossip, and playing games, is an essential part of life in the 21st century.

What find website design is all about

There is nothing more annoying though than landing on websites that are slow to load, or difficult to navigate. It just takes all the pleasure away – particularly with online casinos and gaming. It needs to be nice and easy. It increases the fun. But in order to achieve this it’s crucial that popular gaming sites like mrgreen employ top website designers to ensure that their websites don’t let them down; and Mr Green’s doesn’t, without any shadow of doubt.

Best Visual Design for an Awesome UX

Mr Green takes his branding very seriously

When you first click onto Mr Green, the first thing you will notice is the Mr Green logo. It’s simple and unmistakable. It lets you know at first glance that you’ve landed on the right website.

Branding is more important than many of us realize, and getting the branding right on a website, gives the visitor confidence; not just confidence that they’re in the right place, but confidence that the website is safe to be on; that is doesn’t contain any viruses or spyware.

Easy navigation is the key

Great website design should enable you to find exactly what you’re looking for at the click of a mouse button. The sign-up and log-in links need to be immediately available, and a list of categories of interest should be clearly displayed at the top of the welcome or landing page.

The other thing that website users like to do is to scroll down the page. If you do so on the Mr Green website for example, you’ll find a brief introduction into some of the many popular games, and game specific adverts for games like Game of Thrones, Vikings Go Wild, and Guns and Roses. Expert coding means that when you click on the adverts, or any other links on the website, your taken straight to where it is you want to go, virtually instantaneously.

Capturing the atmosphere

Fine website design is vital to the success of any online business, whether that business is an online department store or an online casino. When you enter an online casino for example, you want to feel the same sort of thrill and excitement as you would if you were to walk into a conventional casino in Monaco or Vegas. Capturing that atmosphere is a tricky thing to do, but the Mr Green website is very successful at it.

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Staying at the top of the tree

When you’re at the top of the tree like Mr Green, they say that the only way is down. But if you’re as ambitious as Mr Green, and as determined to offer punters the best online gambling experience around year after year, you have to stay on top of your game, which is exactly what our green friend manages to do – and with such aplomb.

Since Mr Green first exploded onto the online casino scene back in 2012, he was won top awards, including, out-and-out Gaming Awards winner in 2013, 2014 and 2015, and Mobile Casino of the Year 2016.

Why you should visit Mr Green

If you’re thinking about launching your own website and you want to see a great example of fine web design, you must visit the Mr Green website to see how it’s done. While you’re there, why not try your hand on one or two of the scintillating casino games, or try some free spins? You can trial nearly all games for free, so why not dip your toe in the water?