If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom any time soon, there are a lot of bangles you can approach it from. If you are like most people, you probably want your bathroom space to be as modern as possible. This is something which can be surprisingly hard to achieve, even if you have a strong plan as to what you want. However, there are a few key elements and features which are likely to lend themselves well to a more modern looking bathroom. If you can make good use of these, you will probably find that your bathroom retains its modernity for much longer and looks much more pleasing to the eye.

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Varied Lighting

Lighting is one of those commonly-overlooked aspects of any room which are nonetheless hugely relevant to the effect you are trying to achieve. In the bathroom, lighting can be particularly pertinent. It doesn’t really matter what effect you are going for – lighting is going to come into play to some degree. When you are trying to design a more modern-looking bathroom, the lighting that you use can make or break your efforts in this regard. For the best possible results, you will probably want to use a few different kinds of light in different areas of the room so as to bring out the features of each area as best as you can. You’ll want to think about efficiency here as well, with an overhead light that will illuminate the bathroom for general purposes, and a mirror light of a softer hue. Get the lighting right, and you are most of the way there with your new modern bathroom.

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Shower Or Bath?

A major decision when you are renovating a bathroom is whether to have a shower or a bath. If you are really going for the modern look, then you will probably find that a shower is the far preferable option. However, even once you have decided on that, you will now need to think about what kind of shower you feel is best for your bathroom. Showers themselves come in many different kinds and shapes and sizes, and you would do well to spend some time carefully considering the different kinds. You might feel that shower enclosures are the best option for a modern look – or you might want a more traditional shower but with a modern twist. This is one of the bigger decisions, so be sure that you really know what you want.


All bathrooms need tiling, in particular around the bath or shower area. Most people fail to put much thought into the tiling. However, this can be a really useful area in which to bring out the look you are most going for. If you want a modern-looking bathroom, then finding simple and minimalist tiling is probably going to be your best option. Alternatively, you might decide on a tile with a simple floral design or another pattern – but try to avoid anything too over the top, as it can detract from the whole room.

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