Making sure that your website is optimised for mobile use

website optimisation

Ever since Google announced that their web rankings would factor in how mobile-friendly a webpage is, there’s been a marked shift in the design of websites.

So why did Google make this change, and what can you do to ensure that your website doesn’t run foul of so-called Mobilegeddon?

website optimisation

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Why the change?

Mobilegeddon takes into consideration that we’re all now using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to view webpages rather than traditional desktop computers.

It’s now thought that mobile web usage has overtaken desktop usage. And regardless of whether it’s a simple personal blog page or a gaming site, it’s clear that mobile users should be well catered for.

What to avoid

Making sure that your website doesn’t get punished by Google’s mobile-centric rankings now means that you have to make sure that each page loads as fast as possible. So think about removing any external Javascript and CSS that can cause delays, and avoid content formats like Flash that aren’t supported on many mobile devices.

And definitely try and avoid those annoying interstitial mobile ads that pop up and ruin the web experience for everyone!

What to aim for

Keeping things nice and simple is essential for mobile use. You should try and aim for a text size of at least 16 px to make sure that the content is nicely legible on even the smallest screens.

It’s also good to include a nice navigation bar at the top of the screen to aid the user experience. Something similar to that on the LadyLucks site shows how their content on the latest slot games promotions can be displayed clearly whilst allowing the user to navigate other areas of the website.

Additional help

If all of these measures sound a little advanced for your programming skills, then there’s plenty of help out there to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

Resources like bMobilised have helped many preexisting websites make the switch to cater to mobile users. And whilst it might mean that you have to reconfigure various components of your site, there’s nothing like a bit of a revamp to bring a web space up to date!

Above all, it’s about getting rid off any unnecessary graphics and audio, and instead streamlining operations to allow the user an easy and enjoyable web experience. And whether it’s a photo sharing page or a slots game site, there’s no excuse for not catering to mobile users!

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