One thing that nearly every company has in common, is the need for a creative professional to be on their books. With most companies requiring a marketing team or a website professional to make their business website, it makes sense to have a strong creative leader on the staff to ensure that the company is as competitive in the market as possible. However, hiring the perfect creative professional is not an easy process! Creative doesn’t always mean artsy – unless you’re hiring a designer of sorts. A creative professional is a thinker, is someone who can come up with solutions to the problems you are having and streamline your company processes. Hiring someone who can solve your problems on time, on (or under) budget and experienced enough to handle the job you need doing is the hard part.

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There are a lot of options for hiring a creative professional. You could outsource or you could employ inhouse. Outsourcing tends to be cheaper overall, but usually is the best option for freelancers. If you need someone on your team permanently, it makes more sense to have them in the office and working as part of the team instead of outside the office. If you choose to outsource, you can go global with your search for the right professional. The thing is, going overseas can cause headaches when you are balancing the time difference and a possible language barrier. You also should take some advice from Ellis Whittam if you plan to outsource, as your contract terms may be different. Cheaper talent overseas may seem like a good fix at first, but quality talent often comes from quality people who can speak the same language you can. If you decide to link with an outsource agency, make sure you know exactly where your work is being completed in the world so that if you need to ask questions to the employee, you can. Overall, the pros for outsourced work is that it can be cheaper, and it’s great for the smaller tasks that are production based. The cons? The service can be unreliable, can lead to delays and the deliverables can be of low quality than someone doing it inhouse for you.

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Most companies prefer to have an inhouse creative team when they have a job going. It’s safer to hire someone you can access right away and brief when you need to, plus you can work together at your pace. Knowing the deadline and not having any development delays can make you feel more at ease, which is definitely a plus point when you’re relying on someone to complete a job for you. You will need to factor in salary, benefits, taxes to be paid and other employment protection for your new hire. You’ll have to think about training, if any. This isn’t just training on their job, but fire and safety training, company procedures and general team building to merge the new hire in their team. It’s a lot of work. This is all after you’ve completed the entire interview process! Once you hire in, you are locked to that person’s creative process and skillset. Sure, you can hire again and you can re-interview, but there aren’t many companies prepared to go through that process more than once if they can help it.

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The pros? You get a much higher output for your money, while being able to feel secure about the way that your new hire works. You get to have that direct management involvement and for each step of the job, you can make changes and work together. Creative work for websites and as part of a marketing team is generally project based, so a close working relationship should really be beneficial all round. You can be completely dedicated to your project and secure in the knowledge as to where it’s all going. There are cons involved, of course. Being in charge of another body in the office isn’t cheap, and you’ll have expenses involved as we mentioned earlier. You have to make office space for them on top of everything else, meaning you have to pay out for equipment. Sometimes though, it’s important to remember that investing in your staff is a good thing, especially if it gets you what you want. Hopefully, you’ll have hired someone who can work autonomously without much pressure on them to get the job done, but sometimes you can find that you’ll be managing someone directly, which takes time away from your job, too.

Hiring a freelancer for your work is a great way to get an expert in their field on your team. Freelancers have a specific skillset, meaning you get to choose someone who can do exactly what you need them to do and no more. You can use websites like this one to find the right freelancer for what you need, and even whether you need an independent or agency background freelancer. Freelance creatives tend to bring their own price, which takes it out of your hands. However, you do have the chance to negotiate with them. When you hire in freelancers to help with the job you need doing, you get to hire the best of the best on demand, it’s also lower cost than hiring an agency. One of the attractions of hiring in a freelancer is the fact there is less commitment than hiring in an employee permanently.

Bringing in a creative professional for your company doesn’t have to be a huge chore, you just have to decide what you want – and need – as a company. You need to know whether you want someone permanently for more than one project and you need to know exactly what problems you need solving. There’s nothing more tiring for a company than going through a hiring process, but thankfully there are more than one option in front of you. Be smart when hiring in your creative professional and make sure you are direct with what you need.

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