Seven Ways To Impress Potential Customers And Secure More Sales

how to get customers to buy from you

As a business, you absolutely have to make a good impression. You need to stand out from your competitors and attract those all important customers. But what can you do to sway would- be customers or those who are on the fence to bite the bullet and order from you? Here are just a few ideas.

how to get customers to buy from you


Have a Great Website

Your website is your first opportunity to make a great impression. In fact, get this wrong, and you could be putting off customers at the first hurdle. Research has shown that people won’t wait more than three seconds for a website to load, and a poor site would put them off so badly they might never return. Have an experienced web designer create you something fantastic, it’s certainly not an area of your business you should be looking to make cutbacks on. It should be aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, have all of your contact information clearly displayed and a search bar to easily find things that aren’t on the main page. A profession welcome video could be a good addition, along with a ‘live chat’ feature. It’s at this stage you want to show customers you’re a legitimate, trustworthy business. Building this kind of trust will help to sway those who are on the fence into actually placing an order.

Have an App Created

As well as a great website (which should be properly optimized to view on different devices) an app is also a fantastic addition to your business. Having an app allows you to get your business in the pockets of your customers. All of your information and your products are available at one click of a button, you can send deals, offers, and other information easily through notifications. You could check out sources like to find the perfect developer and have something custom created. And again, an app shows you’re a proper business, people can be wary of scam sites set up to take their money and take their online security seriously. It’s the reason why people tend to buy from big brands and places that they know. Anything you can do to convince them to shop with you instead is always a good thing. Since scam sites aren’t going to go to the trouble of having an app designed and approved, having one available helps to build up trust. Plus, having an app right now is the perfect way to get ahead of your competitors, since most small and medium sized businesses are yet to get in on the action. New research has found that more sales are now made on smartphones and tablets than computers and laptops, so this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Work On Your Social Media

Well- run social media accounts can impress potential customers and sway them into making a purchase. If they can see that questions and queries are answered promptly, that past customers have interacted with you successfully, and that actual photos and reviews have been shared it will encourage them to do the same. Plus, social media gives you a fantastic catalyst for marketing, say that you need to have a comprehensive digital and social footprint to be relevant. Social marketing allows you to understand your customers on a more personal level, which could allow you to tailor your marketing strategy for the best impact. Get an expert on your team who knows the ins and outs to secure you maximum sales over social platforms.

Write a Blog

Have you got on board with blogging for your business yet? If so, it’s definitely something to consider. According to you will help to boost your website’s ranking in search engines (meaning more organic traffic), and you will amass a following over time. Writing an interesting, engaging blog in the field of your business, whether it’s fashion, beauty, business or tech helps to show customers that you really know your stuff, you’re knowledgeable about what you do. Plus you can promote your products within blog posts too, hopefully leading to clicks and sales.

Provide Great Customer Service

Providing great customer service makes people feel valued and more positive about the company. You could have a business landline telephone number on your website that’s open between office hours, allowing people to speak directly to a real person if they have any concerns. Live chat is ideal for those looking for a quick answer but without speaking on the phone. Ensure that your business email is prompt at handling questions and complaints. You could use good business software to make sure that automatic emails are sent, Customer Relationship Management software allows you to do this with ease. It keeps all of your customer’s details together, and can automatically send emails on birthdays, recommend products based on what has already been purchased and keep track of any marketing information that has been seen.

how to grab customers attention


Offer Free Delivery

Offering free delivery could well give you the advantage over your customers. If you have two similar businesses, one providing free delivery which would you realistically choose? Of course, you will have to recoup your costs elsewhere by slightly increasing prices, but if you go about this in the right way, it will be hardly noticeable to customers. Sites like have more information on this. People can be swayed by delivery costs, that extra few dollars can make quite a difference especially when they’re only ordering one item. So removing this is convenient for them looks impressive and gives your business the edge.

Upgrade Your Premises

If you’re the kind of business which customers come into to buy (a shop, cafe, launderette, etc.) making your premises look their best is a surefire way to wow customers. Pay attention to the decor, upgrade your equipment and adjust the layout. Make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The same applies if you’re an office and customers or clients come in for meetings. A shabby, dingy or dirty looking space isn’t going to show very good attention to detail, and people may conclude that you conduct business in the same way.

methods of attracting customers


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