Glamorous Or Sophisticated: Dressing For A Night At The Casino

A Night At The Casino

There are more than few times functions in a girl’s life where you can roll out of bed late in the afternoon, wipe the drool off your cheek with a wet wipe, put on a minimal amount of makeup, lie about your bed hair being the tousled look that this fall’s biggest fashion designers were loving and just roll with it. However, a night at the casino is not one of them.

A Night At The Casino

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No, when the calendar app on whatever smartphone you are using remind you that tonight is the night you are going to the casino you need to bring your fashion A-game to the roulette table. You need to watch a few snippets from the best gangster films of all time, a few Bond films and then use these super-stylish women as your inspiration.

Of course, if you don’t have the time to do this – or if you just can’t be bothered – then don’t panic because we have pulled together a list of casino styles that will see you turn more heads that the Dancing Fountains of Bellagio.

The Glitz and Glam Look

If you are heading for a night in Vegas then you need to be aware that the casinos here revere all things glitzy and glam, which is why you will want to wear and dress that sparkles and jewelry that sparkles, maybe even with a pair of sunglasses to start with too. Yeah, we’re talking about a sequin dress that highlights your best features and some heels that push the six-inch mark, heels that add a bit of sex appeal to your outfit. Of course, the color of your dress is a big deal, which is why we recommend you stop the show by wearing either gold, silver, red or black. As for your accessories, well, this is the time to wear your most expensive pieces of jewelry; earrings that dangle slightly, simple gold bangles that float around your wrists, a pendant necklace that highlights your cleavage and a clutch that shimmers in the light.

The Sophisticated But Sexy Look

You may not be heading to The Riviera – to Cannes or Monaco – but this is the level of sophistication you should be aiming for. Imagine the girls in a Bond film, or the elite of Hollywood; these are women that dress their best, the chance of anything distasteful never daring to cross their path. Don’t worry, this isn’t as hard as you may think. Just do the whole visit website thing and then create a classy character that you will enjoy being for the night. The important thing to remember is the sophisticated but sexy look is all about being understated. It is about refusing to draw attention to yourself but hoping you do the basics so well that heads turn anyway. In short, black is your best friend. A black dress that fits you perfectly paired with some black dress heels, the detail limited to a silver heel or a touch of embellishment. To make this pop just enough, walk in with a black satin clutch, a silver bracelet, matching ring and either a choker necklace or one made out of pearls. There you have it, the kind of sophisticated sexy that will make you look out of everyone’s league.

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