How to Build an Office in Your Back Yard

home office setup

With so many people working from home these days, there is a fashion gaining momentum for building a home office out in the back yard. There are two reasons for this: first, unless your house is brand new or you have a spare bedroom, most homes don’t have room for an office space and second, if you are running a business that requires clients to visit, you might not want them traipsing through the house where your kids have scattered their toys everywhere.

home office setup

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Though building with bricks can quickly get expensive, you can easily buy an outbuilding made using metal sheeting. These Armstrong Steel buildings are fast to put up, easy to customize to your exacting standards and can be made to fit in with your own home and garden.

With this in mind, here is what you need to think about when you order your own building.

Consider the Size and Location

Measure your yard and draw yourself a scaled map. This will help you to see the area you have to work with more easily. Now mark on anything that is already in the garden that would be costly to move like large trees and water features. This will show you exactly where you can place a building without too much trouble.

To see where the best location is, try cutting out another piece of paper to scale, measuring the size you think you need. Be aware that you should have space for a desk, chair, heater and some storage as a minimum. You will probably also want a sofa or chairs to chat with clients too. Move this piece of paper around your map to see where it fits best. With this method you might find that you have to trim your building down a little to fit.

Decide on Color Schemes and Finishes

With a customizable building, you can choose the colors and finishes you want so that it will fit with your home and garden. You can also dictate the amount of insulation you will require and the types of windows you want. Bigger windows and rooflights are always a great idea as they will bring in plenty of natural light. However, do consider which way your building will face – there’s no point putting a large window in if it won’t get any sunlight!

Order Your Furniture

Once you are ready to order, it is time to look into some furniture to decorate your home office. Storage is crucial for a functional space so consider what you will need to store and how best to arrange it. A filing cabinet is the usual solution but you could use a music cabinet for lots of smaller drawers that will look a bit more homely.

You should also consider soft furnishings to add character and warmth to the space. A nice thick rug will keep your feet warm and curtains will offer insulation if you work into the late evening or night. Take the chance to add a little bit of character where you can and soon you won’t remember how you coped without your separate office space before!

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