5 tips for leasing an office in perth

leasing an office in perth

Launching a business in Perth is not for the faint-hearted. There is no doubt it’s a beautiful city. However, it also happens to be one of the most remote in existence. In fact, it’s the only region even close to its size that can be considered so geographically distant. So, you’ve got to really love Perth to set up shop here.

Fortunately, there is plenty to love. The city is home to a small but thriving population. Despite its isolated nature, it has access to all the modern amenities you could ever need. Thanks to digital technologies and strong trading links, life here is wonderful for most. Investors get to benefit from a low level of competition and a hungry consumer market.

leasing an office in perth

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If you’re interested in starting a business, the first step is leasing an office in Perth. Keep reading for advice on where to look.

Make It Scalable

While it’s important not to race ahead and pick an office that is far too big, you don’t want an undersized space either. It can be tricky to get the dimensions right. However, if you invest in a scalable workspace, expansion is never a problem. Premium serviced offices, for example, come with a clause that allows tenants to leave the contract and upgrade at any time.

Invest in A* Broadband

You’re going to struggle to stay in touch with customers if your broadband makes the mailman look speedy. In fact, internet speeds are now far more important than things like mail handling and conference rooms. They all have value, but it’s your website that will be handling most of the interaction with investors, suppliers, and customers.

Pick a Top Location

Even the best-stocked offices can end up being limited by a poor location. Don’t forget that visibility is everything, even in a distant city like Perth. If your business is centrally located, you’ll be unmissable. It’s true that top addresses can be pricey, but serviced leases offer a clever way to grab one. They include all major utilities in the quoted monthly rate.

Consider Collaborating

Every year, more businesses eschew the traditional long hold lease and opt for a more communal space in an office facility. There are multiple benefits to this, but one of the best is contact with fellow entrepreneurs. If you lease an office in a building with shared spaces, networking becomes easy and natural. You can’t help but make contacts.

Scrutinise the Alternative

Of course, there are more than serviced offices out there. You might be committed to the idea of a long hold lease. Though, do be aware that standard agreements tend to lock tenants in for as long as five years. If you want to leave, you may be required to pay a hefty penalty fee. It’s just another reason why serviced leases are a better option for modern companies.

Why Serviced Offices Are Perfect for Perth

Despite its isolation, Perth has developed into a forward-thinking kind of place. It is not afraid to embrace new ideas such as remote routines and virtual offices. Serviced facilities have grown popular here because businesses are keen to hold on to their freedoms.

If you’re not tied down to a lock in lease you don’t have to worry about ending up in an unsuitable agreement. You can make plans for the future knowing that, if the market or industry experiences a major boom, you’ll be ready to ride the wave and make a big profit.

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