Five Tips For Closing More Contracts and Deals

closing more deals

As a salesperson, you are probably always on the lookout for effective ways to close more contracts and deals. While you received some on-the-job training, you know that being successful in sales requires you to be open to new and relevant ways to close a deal and secure another new customer. With that in mind, check out the following ways to become a selling machine:

closing more deals

Invest in an Innovative Smartphone

As a salesperson, the last thing you want is for a potential client to have difficulty reaching you. If it has been some time since you have purchased a new smartphone, you may want to consider upgrading to one of the newer models like the iPhone 7 Plus. Thanks to its Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi calling, the iPhone 7 Plus creates more opportunities for clients to reach you. Whether you are on the road or at a coffee shop. As a bonus, the iPhone 7 Plus is water and dust resistant, so if you are juggling a number of things in your hands while speaking to a client and you accidentally drop the phone into a fountain, you should be able to pick up the iPhone, dry it off and continue your conversation.

Offer Discounts and Deals

Another great way to close more deals with your customers is to create a real sense of urgency. An effective way to do this is to mention a limited-time offer or discount that is valid for the next few days. If the client is strongly leaning toward going for the deal, adding in a special price may help push them over the edge and close the contract.

Ditch the Buzz Words

In your business, you probably hear your fellow sales people using tons of jargon on a daily basis, and you might do it too. But popular buzzwords like “circle back,” “reach out” and “drill down” tend to sound exactly like what they are: vague jargon that can turn off potential clients. Consider eliminating these words from your vocabulary and focus on communicating clearly with your potential clients using effective and “real” language.

Think About Going Paperless

Traditionally, landing a new sale or contract has involved printing out a tree’s worth of documents and signing, faxing and scanning everything back and forth. In addition to being time consuming and not that great for the environment, relying on paper contracts pretty much ties you into closing deals in a location where you can print everything out. To avoid this issue, consider using paperless contracts that can be signed, sealed and delivered right from a tablet or smartphone. This way you can easily close new contracts from any location, from the golf course pro shop after playing 18 rounds with a new client to another country far from your office.

Learn to Truly Listen

Yes, you offer a great product or service and yes, you cannot wait to tell potential clients all about it. But when first meeting with a new customer, it is important to put your sales pitch on hold — at least for awhile — and get to know the person and what he or she needs. Ask questions like “What is your biggest challenge right now?” and other inquires that will really pinpoint how your product or service will solve their problem, and then go from there.

Like many things in life, becoming an effective salesperson takes time and practice. Sales can be an emotional field of work, so it’s important to push through any challenges and remind yourself that you have what it takes to close numerous contracts. By being a communicator first and salesperson second, relying on some great technology and offering some great prices, you will be well on your way to achieving your sales goals.

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