Games you can Play to Pass the Time Whilst Traveling

games to play

Traveling, whether it’s for a Summer Holiday with the family or a few days visiting with family doing the pre-travel preparation allows you to enjoy the journey far more than if you did none, and that preparation also includes planning for keeping entertained during the journey.

Many of us sort out our music, videos and movies, but sometimes staring at a screen can get pretty boring in itself and engaging in something more interactive can help the time pass quickly.

There are a whole host of games to play for both children and adults that are both immersive and exciting to play.

games to play

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From Twenty Questions where one person is ‘it’ and thinks of an object then each player has to ask a question but they have to be answered with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ to playing on one of the great games you can find online, the choice is yours.

When you think of it there really is no excuse for not being entertained during a trip whether it’s a car journey or wafting in the airport.

Making sure your devices are fully charged is vital although many airports do have charging areas and free Wi-Fi available, so it’s a case of finding somewhere comfortable to sit and choosing what you want to play and where.

One of the most popular games you can play online is bingo. That might be surprising for some as they associate bingo with the older generation but today that view of the centuries old game of chance couldn’t be further from the truth.

Playing bingo online or popular casino games is perfect for travellers for a few reasons and one of them is that you can pick up a game for a few minutes or have a full session for an hour or so. Online bingo is also very social as you can chat with family and friends whilst you play.

Many sites offer play for fun games where you do not have to put any of your own money on the game, but if you do decide to have a flutter you will be able to take advantage of some great welcome bonuses and promotional offers. The website is one of my personal favourites and offers FREE play once you sign-up.

Being able to pre-buy your tickets means that your games will be played whether you can make it to the site or not, so that’s a great plus point if your plane, train or automobile turns up early!

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