The Pinnacle of Property – How to Make Your Home More Desirable to Buyers

Selling a house

Selling a house in this economy is brave, to say the least. In some cities, housing prices are as high as they’ve ever been, and in others they have become too prohibitively high for the majority of buyers. Undercutting the suburb you’re selling in will likely mean your home sells faster, but you will lose out on the profits you could make by selling at a recommended price.

Selling a house

There are, however, other ways to make your home more desirable to potential buyers, and they don’t require large monetary sacrifices. We explore those methods of making your home more desirable in this article, and we hope it helps you to sell your house faster.


The light that fills your home will be one of three things: Natural sunlight, warm artificial light, or cold artificial light. Cold, artificial light sells the least, with warm artificial leagues ahead of that, and natural light leagues ahead of warm, artificial light. The more sunlight that can flood your home the better, but try to install some cafe blinds before you start having open houses, as these let light in while keeping heat out during those hot, relentless summers.


The first thing people see when they walk up to your home is the paint on the outside of the building. It might not even register to them, but old crumbling paint will make your home less interesting to many people. This is especially true for those wanting to buy and live in your home immediately, as opposed to those that want to knock it down and develop on the land.

Painting the outside and inside of your house with a fresh coat of paint is a great way to increase interest and make your home look fresher and more appealing to buyers. For an added effect, try going for a different colour to what it previously was, and make sure the inside colour scheme works with the outside colour scheme.

Interior Decorating

Having your home clean and relatively bland is what most people aim for when they need to present an occupied look with their home, but don’t want to risk anything getting broken or stolen. While this is smart for those reasons, it also gives buyers the feeling that the house hasn’t been lived in, or might be bland no matter what they do post-purchase. Bring an interior decorator in to add some life to the place, or do it yourself. Many cheaper department stores have cushions and artworks you can get for relatively low prices.


Your garden says a lot about your home, and being the facade of the house, it says a lot to your potential buyers about how the street sees your home. A yard full of weeds, overgrown grass, trash and dirt won’t inspire someone to hand over the better part of a million dollars of their savings to you. However, a well-manicured garden with design elements and evidence of landscaping efforts will. Even buying several bags of black tanbark to go underneath your front yards trees and scrubs will add a more refined effect to the visual, and help you sell faster.


The fixtures in your home don’t need to be advertised. Almost every home will have room for a washer and/or drier, a fridge, and at least one bathroom combo. These shouldn’t be proudly held out for all to see, because when people accentuate parts of their home that are expected to be present in any/every home, the natural assumption that follows is that they’re talking up one thing to draw attention away from another.

Keep your fixtures where they are, don’t hide them, and don’t promote them either. You will give people less reason to look for things that are wrong with your home.

With these points, your home will likely sell faster than seems reasonable, and you won’t need to compromise on price at all.

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