Treat Glass With Class – How to Effectively Maintain Your Windows

maintaining your windows

When you purchase your home, there can be what seems like an endless list of items to maintain. Unfortunately one of the items that most people neglect is their windows. But maintaining your windows is very important for a number of reasons. It can help lower energy consumption, protect the structural integrity of your home and stop pests from entering your home. So if you want to learn more about effectively maintaining your windows, then use these simple tips to help.

maintaining your windows

Treat your windows with respect

Some people would be amazed to learn about the amount of energy that can escape your home via an open or a closed window. It is arguably the largest source of energy loss in a home. So instead of opening a shocker of an electricity bill, consider window treatments to help protect your back pocket. Whether you opt for an energy efficient curtain or blind system, applying a treatment is sure to not only add a touch of style but also lower the energy consumption of your home. Of course, it will require a little research, but find the right material and you are sure to reap the savings in no time.

Inspect and protect

Windows are like any other major appliance in your home, meaning, they need regular inspections. You should be checking your window frames for any signs of rot or damage. Damaged window frames can be an indicator for a more serious problem, such as structural damage. Alternatively a damaged window could provide an access point for any number of pests or rodents to enter your home. A recommended schedule of inspections every three months will help you keep an eye on any changes or damage which may appear. Do yourself a favour and maintain a diligent schedule to save yourself any future shocks down the road.

Seal it up

When it comes to maintaining your windows and your energy bill, then making sure any gaps are plugged is very important. As mentioned, window cracks and gaps are a major source of energy loss in a home. Imagine your heater or air conditioner constantly working to heat or cool your home without you releasing it is escaping out the windows. Its like filling a bucket full of holes with water. This sort of situation is certain to drive your energy bill sky high. Instead, when you notice a crack or gap, plug is with a silicone or caulk. It is a very simple process that will maintain the energy efficiency of your home and keep you cool or warm no matter what climate you’re in.

Cleaning is key

If you are like most people, you don’t exactly race for the window cleaner when it comes time to scrub your home. However, if you’re looking to impress with a spotless space, cleaning your windows is vital. A build-up of dust or other debris can cause a serious window jam. So, before you lose easy access to fresh air, make sure you clean regularly.

Be sure to clean the frame and glass thoroughly. Use a small amount of water to clean around the frame and tracks of the windows, but avoid using too much, as it may cause damp spots. Cleaning windows should be on everyone’s chore list for the weekends, as it will immediately make any space feel brighter and tidier.

Window maintenance is hardly the most interesting thing you’ll do during your day, but it is vital nonetheless. Ignoring window maintenance can result in a number of very real issues, which in the end are bound to cost you more than your time. So next time you are writing out the chore list, use these tips to help effectively maintain your windows.

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