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40 Amazing Photoshop Actions for Designers and Photographers

Photoshop actions can make your life much easier if you know how to use them. An action is a series of tasks that you played in one or more files – menu commands, palette options, tools and more. You can create an action to resize multiple images

Logo Design Inspiration 20+ Professional Sports logo

The logo is an essential part of any website or business. It should contribute to a corporate style and clearly define the position. So as to determine the logo design, you must understand the objective of developing a logo. Customers or visitors should have some idea about

35 Beautiful Hi-Resolution Wallpapers for Ramadan

Ramadan is a very special and holy month for all the Muslims. The month of Ramadan is the month of countless blessings, salvation from hell, realization of hunger, thirst and miserable condition of the poor in its real sense. May almighty bless us to collect the blessings

All-Time Popular 50+ Great Photoshop Abstract Brushes Sets

A handy collection of Photoshop abstract brushes, can save you the hassle of finding them, saving the day. You do not have to worry where and how to get your brushes for futuristic projects, as here, you will find a decent list of free brushes. Just click

Giveaway – Pixmac Winners Announced

We’ve got a great response at Pixmac’s free photo accounts giveaway worth 199$, thanks to the people who participated and thanks to the Pixmac. Though there were many people who participated after closing date but according to the policy, they were not eligible for this offer. And

Useful Design Tips To Create An Attractive Banner

  Image: oasisinformatics To make a well-organized and beautiful banneris not a child’s play and the same can easily take several hours. You can learn HTML, copy / paste JavaScript, but how to approach the banner? I think we all got through it. We start with a

Giveaway – Get Free Pixmac Stock Photo Accounts Worth $199

Pixmac is the best ever, most functional and reliable microstock agency. Pixmac has more than 8 million stock photos and vectors according to your requirement. If you’re looking for best picture or just trying to sell your best shot, Pixmac is just the right platform, with exact search

Brush Design Tutorials 25 Essential Lessons To Become Master

Using brushes can be a quick and effective way to beautify and improve your design. Although there are enough brush sets on the web but maybe not all fits your needs. In this case you need to create your own brushes. Creating brushes is easier than you

20 Premium Free Vector Resources For Your Daily Use

Every day people search internet for some useful stuff , especially web developers and designers, who must search functions, resources and everything you need to work a little easier. Also online there are many blogs about free vectors, but mostly they only serve once a week or

65 High-quality Adobe Illustrator Brushes And Pattern Sets

Adobe Illustrator is the leading software for creating vectorized graphics. it has many powerful tools and unique features. Adobe Illustrator brushes and patterns are a lot less around than Photoshop but here you’ll find 65 High-quality Adobe Illustrator Brushes And Pattern Sets, you can add them and

Get Free Stock Photos 16 Best Resources For Designers

Sometimes for visitors would be difficult to read content written in plain text, so it is almost always necessary to add some images to your articles, content related to your visitors can more easily read the contents of your article.  But the task of finding the right

Mega List 50 Fire Brushes, Textures And Tutorials: A Perfect Choice

Fire has been used by humans for cooking, generating heat, signaling, and propulsion purposes but it can be use in design projects as well, such as in movie posters, photo manipulations and in many other print designs. You probably have seen fire effects and other uses of

30 Most Useful Free Photo And Image Editors: Photoshop Alternatives

Photo and image editors were always there, but only recently we can observe a violent trend in the emergence of online services for processing images. If you’ve never used such services, then you will probably be surprised at the number of opportunities, options and speeds that they

Attention-grabbing 30 Out Of Bounds Photo manipulations

The out of bounds (OOB) effect is a way of editing the photo in an image editor program to make the subject stand out and give the impression of a 3D image. It can be done with just one photo or with several images that are composed

30 New Brilliant Poster Design Tutorials: Refresh Your Creativity

How to assemble a full house for the upcoming concert? How to attract additional of visitors to your booth? How to make your candidate wins the election? Definitely print posters. Poster Perfect for when you are targeting the mass consumer, Advertising on the poster, like no other,