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12 Creative Poster Design Tutorials Using Illustrator

Designing a poster in Illustrator can be a fun. Here, we round up the best poster design tutorials to enhance your skills while creating posters for all kinds of purposes.

20 About Us Pages with Inspiring Illustrations

The trend to build About us pages is becoming a lot more obvious. There are an endless possibilities, styles and techniques that can be used to make a beautiful design. When it comes to a website's about page, some website owners often neglect them and simply threw

33 Parallax Scrolling Dark Website Examples

Parallax scrolling has long been used in video games, but now it is one of the most popular trends of web design. A common understanding of the term comes from the Greek Parallaxis, which means change. And this is what we get – web parallax, changing items

Flyer Design Tips with Creative Examples

Visual presentation is a very important part of any marketing material. You don’t have to give every detail or add so many graphics in your design. What you need is balance. The simpler the design is, the more likely people will be interested in what you have

The Business of Design: What Freelancers Must Know

Most budding freelance designers understand that building a design business requires creativity and an eye for aesthetics, but what many forget is that it also requires being business savvy. Don’t let your company sink because of an inability to properly support the business side of your freelance

Deciphering Flat Design: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly?

We love the Swizz, for the chocolates and the picturesque, and now we have the Swiss to thank (or not so much) for the flat design. Yes, the same flat design which most of the iOS 7 users are gushing about, or are they? Is flat website

The Role of Responsive Web Design in Mobile Strategy

If you have an intension to digitalize your marketing strategies, then the best option is having a mobile-friendly website. These days every one is popped-up with mobile phones in one way or the other. Responsive web design is one of the latest developments greatly supported by Google.

How an SEO Based Article Can Rank Your Website?

Gone are the days when ranking your website was a lot easier phenomenon. These days the competition is very high and Google crawlers are keen interested to let those websites survive which are providing potential benefits to the visitors. When marketing your website with SEO based articles,

How To Resolve Differences with Your Clients

Conflicts with your clients are a waste of your resources. I’m sure you’ve had that one client who refused to accept your ideas, blaming you for everything he saw going wrong with the project and then some. These differences are often hard to handle and eat both

Benefits of WordPress Cloud Hosting for Small Business

With a considerable number of CMSs coming to the fore in the last decade, it has become extremely easy for small business owners to start their own websites in which they can showcase their products and services and reach out to millions of Internet users worldwide. Over

10 of The Most Hated Fonts in Existence

To people who have to stare at them all day, misused fonts look ugly, and detract from the product they’re representing. To designers who use them, they exemplify amateurish design techniques. No matter who’s looking, bad fonts can come off as repulsive. Here are ten of the

6 Steps to a Perfect Logo

The basis of corporate identity is a logo or trademark – an original combination of corporate colors, fonts and titles. Logo design can tell a lot about the company itself or its basic services, but the main purpose is – remembered by a potential client! So, approach

35 Fabulous Die Cut Business Cards That Get Noticed

Die cut – Any sort of design, including business cards requires a great deal of skill to give it a unique look. That is both visually appealing as well as having the ability to convey the message. It can be extremely valuable tool for networking and building

5 Reasons to Launch a Website – Multyshades

If you’re planning of starting up a business to take advantage of online marketing, there are many aspects you need to understand. You’ll first need to come up with a realistic idea that you can turn into a product or service. You may have seen many businesses,

Latest Trends in Graphic Design

Graphic designing is a field of creativity and spectacular skills. It involves a highest level of attention. Without fully focused, the dream of getting an awesome piece of work is not possible. To cope up ourselves with the latest trends and hot issues of today’s graphic design