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Water Damage: How to Handle it!

Water damage in the home is no fun at all. If you have discovered water damage or you’ve had a water related emergency, you need to know what to do, and fast. This post will help you to handle your water damage effectively.

How To Develop Your Personal Style In Interior Design

Designing and decorating our home can be a fun task. However, all too often our rooms look like we have hired an interior designer to do all the work for us. This isn’t, strictly speaking, a bad thing. After all, if a room looks like it has

Design Inspiration: Bringing Spring Into Your Home

Spring is a popular time of year to carry out refurbishment and freshen up the home. If you’ve got your spring cleaning out of the way, here are some inspirational ideas to inject new season trends.

Creative Advice for Decorating a Den

Many families have a living room or lounge where they like to spend time together. However, some choose to have a den as well, or even perhaps instead of a living room. A den can be a bit less formal, and maybe somewhere where you wouldn’t take

Fabulous Ways to Make Money Working from Home

Are you a creative person who has always wanted to work from home? Maybe your boss ‘hates’ you or your commute is just too long? Perhaps you have young children who you dread leaving with the childminder each morning? Or maybe, you just want a life that’s