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Taking Control Of Business Photography

Owning a business is amazing, it gives you the freedom to build your own brand and show the world a side of you which is professional and friendly too. When designing anything for your business or blog, it is always better to make your own material than use anyone else’s. Sure, stock photo websites such […]

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Boost Your Business with Fine Photography

Some people who are keen photographers decide to make a business of it. However, if you think you have some marketable photography skills, you don’t have to directly sell them. If you’re able to take decent photos and already have an unrelated business, or you’re planning to launch one, your skills could come in handy. […]

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A Raw Talent For Photography

If you’re relatively new to photography you may not be familiar with the idea of raw photography and editing. Unlike a JPEG, a raw photograph is the image as exactly captured by the camera with no clever digital processing added by the camera to enhance it.


Great Ideas For Earning A Living From Photography

Do you love to take interesting and beautiful photographs? Would you like to turn your hobby into a job that pays the bills? Then you’ve come to the right place. The suggestions on this page are perfect for people with the right skills and talents. So long as you can make people awe-inspired with your […]


Smile – A Powerful Expression (20 Photos)

Smile is a powerful expression. When we are happy or in a funny mood, we will be smiling. If we keep these moments around ourselves, much relax and homely we feel. In routine life we come across a number of smiles. Soft, horror, smile in a fix and in any situation or in any problem. The type of smile varies with the age of people starting from babies, teenage, youngsters, elders and of old age.

In this post we have collected an awesome collection of smile photography to give you an idea of good smiling also for the amusement and usage of common men. Let’s have a look!


20 Ideas to Take The Best Father’s Day Photo

Today the whole world is celebrating “The Father’s Day”. These days are celebrated to remind us of the importance of the relations. I wonder, perhaps, we have forgotten the importance of these relations. Not necessarily, but it is to strengthen the beliefs in these relations and motivate us to pay them back, if not in […]


25 Awesome Underwater Photos

Photography is the field which is not confined to any specific area. It is vast and beyond our expectations. Sometimes we come across a picture which amuses us by the stunning school of photographer’s thought. Photographers are investing their energies in dissimilar fields in order to captivate the attention of viewers and all sort of […]


30 Cute Finger Drawings to Stay Away From Boredom

If you are feeling bored with your work and have no idea what to do. Then take a break  and try something new. Here is a collection of cute finger drawings to do to overcome boredom. Trust me, nobody cares about that. If you like to draw, then pick up the pencil and play with drawing […]


How to Print off Your Photos for Professional Use

Do you know how to print images that will improve your professional image? Whether you’re developing head shots, creating business brochures or putting together a portfolio of your photography or artwork, there’s a definite need for high quality resolution. By taking the time to educate yourself on latest printing and ink technologies, you can present […]


30 Far-fetched Examples of Surreal Art & Photography

It is the utmost desire of every designer and photographer to present stunning ideas to captivate the eyes of others. For this purpose they try to introduce something unusual and exceptional. Surreal photography is the hook of the same chain where designers and photographers present far-fetched ideas in such a way as cast a point […]