Angular Framework

15 Best AngularJS Tools For Developers

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework choice of many web developers as it simplifies creating dynamic views in web-applications. The framework is quite user-friendly and lets you use HTML as template language. There are number of tools, frameworks and modules available for AngularJS to simplify your front-end development. Today we have compiled 15 best AngularJS […]


The 11 Best Adsense Alternatives to Keep You Going

Google Adsense is one of the best ways to monetize your site, but is not the right fit for everyone. Therefore, alternatives to Adsense are an additional opportunity for website owners and bloggers to make money from their website/blog traffic. Here are the 11 best Google Adsense alternatives to keep you going.

OrangeBox wp plugin

20 Best Free Lightbox Plugins for WordPress

Today, we’re going to show you a list of best free WordPress Lightbox Plugins for images and videos. They are easy to use and offers many useful features to present images and videos in WordPress. Lets take a look!


Color Palette – 14 Excellent Tools for Designers

Choosing appropriate colors for a website design is not an easy task, especially when you don’t have the required skills and resources. With that in mind, we have gathered together some excellent tools to help you start creating beautiful color palettes for your own design projects.


33 Essential Web Design Tools You’re Probably Not Using

For web designers nothing can be more important than time saving tools to maintain their creative process. Thankfully there’s a range of free web design tools available that can be extremely useful in some situations. In this article, I have compiled 33 best web design tools to help you improve your skills and manage your […]


The 10 Best Tools to Help You Manage Your Online Business

Each and every aspect of any business requires to be fulfilled in this competitive era. Only then we can sail in the comfortable boat. Online business is the chip of same block which everybody longs for. Many businessmen taste the real spice through this mode of business and every businessman will have to adopt it […]


Top SEO Plugins to Optimize your WordPress Website

With unlimited number of WordPress blogs in vogue, you cannot popularize your blog unless you use the right set of SEO plugins. The SEO plugins not only spreads the word about your blog posts, but also gives you an edge over other blogs. Social Media and SEO plugins is an important marketing strategy that can […]


11 Essential Ingredients for Content Writing

Content Writing is neither a child’s play nor a hard nut to crack. It always takes some time to unleash your brilliant ideas to the readers. But it involves a thorough practice to come to fruitful consequence. By a little effort, a content writer can really create the great. This post will guide you about […]


SEO and SMO Modern Marketing Channels

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) have become the most potent marketing tools to promote a website on the Internet. Most online marketers are making extensive use of these techniques to offer businesses a competitive edge over their rivals. Both these techniques complement each other and with the former attracting targeted traffic […]


35 Excellent iPad Apps – A Complete Toolkit for Designers

The iPad is one of the best innovations from the house of Apple. It is not just about playing media or browsing internet but it gives full control to the designers to be more efficient and more creative with their work by using its apps. Here you’ll find 35 excellent and productive iPad applications. Such […]