how can i earn money from my website

How to Generate Money with your Website or Blog

Everyone has a website these days. In fact, it seems as though it’s impossible to be online without coming across a number of different blogs and web presences created by local people in your town or city. However, did you know that a blog or website could be the first step you take towards finding […]

malware and security threats

The Worst Malware and Security Threats for Internet Users

The most dangerous malware in operation today come in the form of ransomware. This is the major menace for Windows-based PC users who access the internet. They defy many conventional antivirus programs and they seek to exploit their victims by demanding payment for decryption of encrypted files and directories on the system. Here are some […]

how to protect your business

5 Easy Ways to Destroy Your Business and How to Avoid Them

Considering how difficult it is to start and nurture your business, it doesn’t take much to see it razed to the ground due to a couple of small mistakes. The slightest thing from annoying a customer to saying the wrong thing to an employee could have disastrous effects on your business. While not every small […]

Monstroid 2

Experience The Power, Flexibility and Gorgeousness Using Monstroid 2 Theme

Are you ready to meet this new and absolutely fantastic product – Monstroid 2 theme? Without a doubt, we did our best to present you such a fashionable and long-awaited WordPress theme, which seems to be more than just a template! Be sure, here is a fresh word in the building of the eCommerce websites. […]

online promotion

Marketing Migraines; Simplify Your Online Promotion

We don’t know about you, but sometimes we can find online marketing a little overwhelming. There’s so much to think about from SEO to social media and content creation. Then you need to consider whether the content you release is going to connect with a target audience and how well it will be received. Don’t […]

3 Things that Can Kill Your Business

3 Things that Can Kill Your Business

Business is business; and business is temperamental. One day you’re eating the bear, and the next day the bear is eating you. That’s the nature of the industry you’re in, and you love it! It keeps you on your toes, you’re always looking to grow, you’re up for the challenge and so far, you’re succeeding. […]

starting a design studio

Digital Design Businesses: a Complete Guide to Go From Freelancer to Entrepreneur

Most digital designers wouldn’t bother with a business. After all, if their passion is in creating beautiful and practical works of digital art, then why both with a business? They could just take on clients, create works to their specification and then be done with it. What many freelancers don’t realise is that they are […]

building beautiful emails

The Lowdown On Building Beautiful Emails

Providing your users and customers with beautiful and functional emails is a challenge. Emails need to be “frictionless,” meaning that your subscribers shouldn’t have to go to a lot of effort to do what you want them to do in response to the email. But actually removing all those barriers is easier said than done.

communicating with customers

Why you Should Combine the Digital and Physical Efforts

It’s great, right? The amount of benefits the digital age offers to your business? It’s an absolute blessing to have this amount of tools on offer. It almost feels too good to be true sometimes, and we are surrounded by no end of solutions to all sorts of issues. The best type of business is […]

Free eCommerce Joomla! 3 Template

The 20 Best Free Responsive Joomla Templates 2016

Make your sites look more stylish and up to date with these 20 best free responsive joomla templates 2016 that adapts perfectly to the desktop, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. You can find hundreds of Free Joomla templates on the Internet, but finding a user-friendly, modern, highly customizable and easy to integrate template is […]