Photographs Get New Life: How cinemagraphs are changing photography

The pictures below are cinemagraphs, a new form of digital art cropping up all over the internet. What’s so unique about cinemagraphs? Well, how often can you look at a picture and have that picture look right back at you? A cinemagraph is a series of images shown in sequence to make a short animation. […]


Worlds Most Funny Animated GIFs Get Ready To Laugh

Everyone loves funny things, if you are looking for some fun as well so you have no need to go anywhere; here we are sharing really impressive stuff about worlds’ most funny animated GIFs, these animated funny graphics can make you laughter, get inspired and share the fun with others…


40+ Most Superb GIF And Banner Animation Tutorials

Page rank 5 Photoshop is very important tool for graphic and web designers. It can be used for web designing and different kind of graphics even you can create gif animations in photoshop as well. Today I’ve bring together an amazing list of photoshop GIF animation tutorials. In this post you’ll also find some great […]