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The 30 best free ecommerce wordpress themes 2016

Without a doubt, WooCommerce is the best and mostly used eCommerce Platform for WordPress. It empowers millions of websites all around the universe to customize and manage their sites with ease. Among different ways of using WordPress, an e-commerce web site is a highly practiced one. There are loads of free ecommerce wordpress themes available […]

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20+ Best Sport e-Commerce Joomla Themes for Online Stores

Under the term “Sport” we understand health, discipline, a great way to keep fit and other care services. For many people sport is religion and teaches to be a human. Each of us wants to look healthy and take care of our family. Sport gives people a big variety of activities imaginable, such as fishing, […]

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Magneto The Best CMS for eCommerce

Magento has proven to be one of the most popular eCommerce solutions for several reasons, but put simply, it is the most powerful yet simple-to-use platform which enables merchants to have total control over the content, design, SEO, marketing, and functionality of their online stores. Magento themes allow store owners to easily customize the look and feel to create the best Magento theme possible for their brand. In fact, it is such an incredible content management system that eBay began suggesting users utilize the content management system for their personal and company online stores. Not long after, in 2010, eBay acquired Magento for over $150 million. This has led to the creation of a system called Commerce that beautifully integrates your online store with eBay.

Template Studio has ventured into building superb themes and templates for this content management system. There are many reasons for choosing Template Studio’s Magento templates. The foremost significance of Template Studio’s themes is that they are totally user friendly and highly customizable even by a basic user. You don’t have to be a programmer or coding geek to manage your favorite store’s theme. In this year of 2014 Magento Responsive themes from offer your online store the best solution for reaching your customer across platforms. It does not matter which gadget they use to access your online store, magneto themes will prove responsive and unparalleled.

There is a reason by merchants have started moving their stores to magneto and it is because of the efficacy of the platform and intelligent way of delivering the content. Since, Magneto is property of Ebay it has not gone behind and in order to take the best advantage of this upward surge in the field Template Studio managed to do one heck of a job in designing ideal themes. These themes are not limited to one niche, however; they expand to a number of different areas. One integral thing that Template Studio’s themes do is to fetch the right kind of products for your users, which ultimately help you have high ROI and awesome usability. So, don’t just sit back and waste time on selecting better CMS, Magneto is the best when it comes to e-commerce and for Magneto there is nothing more reliable than Template Studio.


Key Elements of a Successful Ecommerce Website

Electronic commerce or Ecommerce is basically a type of industry where you can purchase or sale any product online by using different electronic or online barriers including internet and other computer equipments. Ecommerce also endorses many other online promotional forums such as mobile commerce, electronic fund transfer, internet and online marketing, online transaction, supply chain management […]


25 Useful E-Commerce User Interface Designs

Web designing is the fashion of these days on account of its concept, creativity, struggle and unique ideas whether it is in the form of personal portfolios or setting up a business website. It is affecting the lives of countless people. That’s why; a designer needs to be very careful, touchy and perfect while creating […]


Shopify – An Affordable e-Commerce Platform for Online Sellers

Have you been thinking about an online store but finding no way to do it, not only for being in tight financial corner but also for having no programming skills at all. Hiring a professional web designer is the direct way to have your website designed but there is no hassle in doing it yourself […]


List of Common Misconceptions in online Business

The fact that online presence helps in expanding the reach of a business by catering to a large number of audience can not be denied. An online business offers plethora of benefits in terms of better growth, brand image, conversion rate, sales, and most importantly, the ROI. However, most of the times, people have some […]