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Why are Designers Selling Their Work So Cheaply?

Recently there has been an upward trend in font designers reducing the price of their creative work to be part of a bundle or even free giveaways, we take a look into why this is happening….. First of all, it has to be said that to reduce

40+ Best Premium Fonts and Huge Packs of Graphic Resources

Find the best exclusive design deals and bundles with huge discounts. We’ve just discovered a new design resource site that you are going to love. Check out the a site dedicated to offering high quality design products at unbelievable prices. Their current bundle includes a whopping

The 30+ Best Free Fonts for Christmas & New Year

No matter what event or holiday you are planning, if you are designing your own invitations, crafts and Christmas printables, you’ll want a font that’s appropriate for the task. In this article I wanted to share my favorite free fonts for Christmas and New Year to be

10 of The Most Hated Fonts in Existence

To people who have to stare at them all day, misused fonts look ugly, and detract from the product they’re representing. To designers who use them, they exemplify amateurish design techniques. No matter who’s looking, bad fonts can come off as repulsive. Here are ten of the

31 New Brilliant Free Fonts For Designers

Today typography is an essential part of any design project to convey an artistic statement. The font, letter spacing, and color are all important considerations for maximum visual impact. If the right font is used you can make even an ordinary design look perfect and amazing. However,