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The Business of Design: What Freelancers Must Know

Most budding freelance designers understand that building a design business requires creativity and an eye for aesthetics, but what many forget is that it also requires being business savvy. Don’t let your company sink because of an inability to properly support the business side of your freelance

How To Resolve Differences with Your Clients

Conflicts with your clients are a waste of your resources. I’m sure you’ve had that one client who refused to accept your ideas, blaming you for everything he saw going wrong with the project and then some. These differences are often hard to handle and eat both

Client Conflict – Diplomatic Ways To Deal With It

This legitimately verity cannot be denied at all cost that client conflicts ensue and it is the common element of corporate life beyond any doubts. The matter is not that simple to ignore as client is one of the chief factors that runs the business so the

10 Judicious Tips to Deal with Criticism

Criticism is the part and parcel of any work. That’s why; at times a designer has to face it from others. He should have presence of mind at these occasions to tackle the critical situation masterly as it can poison his mood and mental temperament if it

Why is the Future Uncertain for Logo Designers on the Web?

In present times, the question about the uncertain future of logo designers on the web often tends to arise. The reason for this is mainly the changing world of graphic designing which has forced the future of many logo designers into uncertainty.  So let us find out