20 Best Free Icon Font Sets and Generators

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Icon fonts are great asset because they are delivered as a font. This gives them a number of advantages over traditional image icons. You will not need to open Photoshop each time you want to update an icon color or size, add an animation or shadow; It can easily be done with CSS and they


Party Icons – 36 FREE Vector Flat Party Icons


It’s summer! Holidays and fun are the keywords, right? Oh, and PARTY, obviously. As expected,  our good friends at Vecteezy came up with a most needed freebie: a special 36 party icons pack. At first glance, it might look like a game of Tetris, but this is your party gear (the online one)! This time,


Social Icons – 25 Free Flat Social Media Icon Sets

Social icons – When it comes to choosing icons, It’s important to remember that the momentum of flat design is increasing. Following the latest trends in web design, we have collected 25 simple, elegant and impressive free flat social media icon sets. I hope you’ll find at least a few sets that you can use in your own projects, whether personal or commercial.

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When we take a bird’s eye view of our home and office, we come to know that calendar is the part and parcel of the same. Its icons and widgets make us go with smooth sailing of life. That’s why; the art of creating calendar icons and widgets has ever been a painstaking task for


Lets Design Twitter Bird – 20 Best Practices

Twitter is an online social micro blogging service which allows sharing updates about your life and following the updates of people that matter to us. In today’s post we’re going to learn how to design cute twitter bird icons by using different techniques. To create a twitter bird icon, you don’t need to be expert,


How to Create Icons: 30 Practical Lessons from the Experts

When you approach Icon design, you need some guidelines and ethics that are worth studying. If you want to create effective icon designs, then you should keep the issues in your mind such as audience, size, simplicity and style. Today we’ve arranged 30 practical tutorials from the experts and they will give you a good


Icons-Land an Ideal Place to Download Best Icons

So, you start to design your site and plan to include sections or applications, such as photos, faq, etc. Have you considered the possibility of using icons in your design? Of course, Icon is an important and effective element to introduce the user to the content of your site without using any spoken or written


Christmas Love – 31 All Time Favorite Christmas Icon Sets

Christmas icons are important elements for web design. Designers usually use them to decorate or add headers and for make changes to a site’s look and feel for Christmas. In this article we have compiled a huge collection of Free Vector and PNG Icon Sets for designers of all ages and for all tastes. Everything


25 Exceptionally Awesome Icons with PSD Files

PSD files can be very functional for designers, save you lots of time with your design projects. In today’s post I’ve compiled 25 exceptionally awesome icons with PSD files for designers to use free in their designs. If you don’t have to design specific icons from scratch, this list will teach you a lot about


35 Brilliant Tutorials for Designing Icons

The icons have been used since I have memory, either on web sites, forums to decorate a blog, or just vector graphics that complement a design, small or large, and always represent an object, series of objects or a character. I have a schedule of items and collections that I do and perhaps somehow made