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6 Steps to a Perfect Logo

The basis of corporate identity is a logo or trademark – an original combination of corporate colors, fonts and titles. Logo design can tell a lot about the company itself or its basic services, but the main purpose is – remembered by a potential client! So, approach

Designing Brand Identity: Essential Learning Standards

Most of the designers love to use their creative to produce the best design purely for the artistic purpose. But it is not possible every time especially if you are a professional designer. But when we talk about branding it means applying your design for commercial purpose.

21 Best Shopping Cart Logo Inspiration for Online Shops

In the last few years online shopping has become the preferred method of purchasing for many people. Shoppers shop online for convenience, the variety of choice and a decent price. Logo is a point by that customers identify your company among tens and hundreds of other companies.

15 Well-Known Logos Created with Helvetica

Helvetica is the most widely used and recognized font ever in the world. Its importance to the projects is for many years, and even today seems unbeatable. Helvetica continues to gain more and more followers every day with its variety of styles and versions. The use of

Why is the Future Uncertain for Logo Designers on the Web?

In present times, the question about the uncertain future of logo designers on the web often tends to arise. The reason for this is mainly the changing world of graphic designing which has forced the future of many logo designers into uncertainty.  So let us find out