A Stepwise Approach To Create A Responsive Layout For Your WordPress Site


For the past few years, the demand for responsive design is increasing at a steady rate. And now, after the release of Google’s new mobile-friendly update, having a responsive layout that can be accessed easily on mobile devices has become a necessity than just a trend. Do you want to create a mobile-friendly blog or


Responsive Web Design Tips

Different visitors operate different websites through different devices; for many of the websites creating a version for a different resolution and devices is next to impossible. But should this become a reason for us to lose our valuable visitors from one device, to get the benefit of gaining visitors from other device? The answer would


Why Web Designer Should Turn towards Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a latest trend in web design arena and web designers are focusing on this particular design aspect more seriously than ever before. Since the use of websites has increased greatly overtime, it is wise that you try to make your website’s design responsive. A responsive web site is one that adapts