social media trends for 2017

5 Major Social Media Marketing Trends and Tips

Over the last five years, social networks have acquired over a billion users. A third of the world’s population is now active on social media. A few years ago, organizations did not understand what the fuss was all about. Few saw any usefulness from a business point of view. Social media was regarded as a […]


Why Social Media is Essential for Business Growth

The world in which we are living today is “MODERN WORLD” with all those latest technologies and inventions, a person can dream for. Today, men had done such incredible things about which there were no contemplations in past decades. Men, had reached the moon, built sky-high buildings, approached to the depth of the sea. In […]


SEO and SMO Modern Marketing Channels

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) have become the most potent marketing tools to promote a website on the Internet. Most online marketers are making extensive use of these techniques to offer businesses a competitive edge over their rivals. Both these techniques complement each other and with the former attracting targeted traffic […]


Zurker – A New Concept in Social Networking

Now a day’s Social Networking is not just limited to re-connecting with friends, dating and sharing views. It’s now used as an essential business tool for brand promotions, marketing and sales. More and more businesses are turning to Social Networking sites to promote themselves online. I also joined a new and innovative Social Networking Website […]


Its Fun to See How Ideas Become Real

If you have never saw the original or earlier homepages of Google, Yahoo, Digg, twitter, facebook and tumblr then checkout this collection below but remember! I’m not going to share only the old pages of some most famous sites in the world but I’m just trying to share some knowledge and encouragement for those who […]


42 Twitter Friendly Tools Everyone Should Have

One of the most important things in social media is tools that we use to follow all conversations taking place in social networks. Currently there are many tools that offer similar services like Twitter, but how do you know which ones are best? Today I have compiled a collection of Twitter friendly tools everyone should […]


A Terrible Factor About Social Bookmarking Networks

  Photo: Gianluk I’m here to tell you an absolutely undeniable truth… A few weeks ago when I was just doing my routine work and was sharing user experience at some social media bookmarking networks so that others might find it useful, suddenly I got surprised by a Social bookmarking network (Mister Wong) who decided […]


How to delete your Facebook or other sites account and how to get it back

It would be interesting to know that how to delete or deactivate your Facebook or any other internet sites account and how to get it back, huh?


50+ Awesome Twitter Backgrounds Bet You’d Love To Change Default

Twitter is a well known social media network that provides you a platform to share ideas, all you need is just sign up at twitter and start tweeting. Everyone love to choose most beautiful twitter background for their twitter profile, If you are getting bore with your existing twitter background so don’t be bother anymore […]


130+ Productive Resources To Promote Your Design / Article / News

There are already been few posts on this topic but out of them most of the links either been dead or their service has expired, we are sharing only those links which you don’t feel any irritation and also they proved to be fruitful in promoting your designs, articles and news, and you succeed to […]