16 Cool Halloween Tattoo Designs

Nowadays Tattoo designs are common for smooth propagation of fashion and design industry. Different unique and interesting tattoo designs appeal our eyes among youngsters as well as people of every category. In fact fashion industry has given rise to many designers with respect to styles and designs. Halloween festival is the occasion when people try […]


30+ Elegant Mehendi/Henna Designs

Mehndi has a special appeal for young as well as old women in the subcontinent whether it is the auspicious occasion of eid or wedding etc.  They are ever ambitious on these special occasions to pose themselves in a particular style with attractive Mehndi designs. Mehndi also known in the U.S. and in many other […]


25 Charismatic Tattoo Designs That You’ll Love

There is a vital difference between human wisdom and the mental ability of animals. Animals can’t surpass the limits of their fixed knowledge. Whereas; human wisdom knows no bounds as it is the assortment of countless inventions and discoveries. The world has excelled in the field of designing along with rapid progress in other fields. […]