The Secret to Getting a Lot of Web Design Work with No Portfolio

This article is aimed on web design agencies who only start their career. All newbies have the same problem – they lack clients. People don’t rely willingly on the inexperienced developers. That’s why the beginners resort to different tricks to provide themselves with a steady workflow. For example, they create free web design stuff and


Best web design practices 2016

web design practices

Thanks to services like Blogger and WordPress it’s now incredibly easy for anybody to make a website for their fashion blog, gaming site or online shop. So what can you do to make sure that your efforts fit into the increasingly complex web environment in 2016?


Tips for a Great Web Page Design

web page design

You cannot create a great web page by doing some simple magic trick so that everyone will keep visiting your website again and again. But, there are certain important points which can help you with it. Some of the key things to focus on are making your website as easy to use, and as user


Be More Efficient At Web Design With These Top Tips


Do you spend a significant part of your day designing and developing websites? If so, you will no doubt do so in front of a computer. Web designers use all manner of different PCs, Macs, and laptops. If you’re a web designer, did you know that the tools of your trade might be slowing you


Website Design Review of Online Casino


Whatever type of business you have, good web design is something that you cannot afford to overlook in 2014 – and this is especially true of internet based businesses like online casino ones. With mobile and social gaming leading to a rise in online casino popularity, the sites need to constantly evaluate the design to


How an SEO Based Article Can Rank Your Website?

Gone are the days when ranking your website was a lot easier phenomenon. These days the competition is very high and Google crawlers are keen interested to let those websites survive which are providing potential benefits to the visitors. When marketing your website with SEO based articles, we have to keep in mind a lot


6 Things to Keep in Mind While Revamping Your Website Design

You might have spent days and lots of money on getting your website design planned and implemented some time age, but the fact is that you have to keep on revising it with the passage of time or your business might lose its edge. Color combos and page layouts need a revamp every few years


Responsive Web Design Tips

Different visitors operate different websites through different devices; for many of the websites creating a version for a different resolution and devices is next to impossible. But should this become a reason for us to lose our valuable visitors from one device, to get the benefit of gaining visitors from other device? The answer would


Handy Tips for novice designers


It is a strong probability for beginners’ web designers to commit mistakes on account of lack of experience. A web designer has to put his soul into this creative activity as it involves sensuousness. A minor act of negligence can be disastrous. Always use your thinking faculty in a peaceful state of mind. Just relax


Effective Guidelines to Manage Colors on Your Site

Colors are one of the most important elements in your website. Your whole design and structure is at risk if you don’t get the perfect mix and match of colors. This is exactly why developers around the world lay so much of emphasis on color scheme of your website. From the font to the background